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2012 Elantra Instrument Panel in daytime too bright! How to turn off?

fidofidofidofido Member Posts: 2
edited February 2012 in Hyundai
Just picked up my 2012 Elantra GLS with preferred. When the headlights are one, I can dim the instrument panel/dashboard with the switch on the left, no problem.

But when the headlights are OFF in daylight, the dash lights turn ON by default to full blast, and I can't seem to turn them off or down. It's blinding and distracting!

I hope I am simply missing something easy. Any suggestions? I'd be grateful! :confuse:


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    goose56goose56 Member Posts: 9
    In the manual it says you can only adjust the dashboard panel with the headlights on. Good Luck!!!!
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    dconstmgtdconstmgt Member Posts: 1
    Dear All,

    Can anyone tell me is the A/C dial in the 1.6 (AT) is similiar with the one in 1.8 (AT)?
    Because 1.8 (AT) Dial will have a glowing bar indicator when you increte the power.
    This is because the Elantra 2012 that available in show room is 1.8 and the sales person also have no idea. This is because until now they also unable to launch it. hope to hear from you guys soon. Thanks.


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    skyh00kskyh00k Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    Yes, I agree. Dashboard lights too bright in the daytime. I thought I could get use to it, but no -- they're definitely too bright. If you found a solution, please share.

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    wlbrown9wlbrown9 Member Posts: 867
    I have a 2012 GLS. I just leave the headlights on all the time. Works kind of like automatic lights since they go off a minute or two after you turn the ignition off. We have the auto lights on our 2 other vehicles and once I used to them, I don't like having to remember to turn them on and off :-). Of course, the low beams are brighter than the DRL, but the dash lights are not as bright also.
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