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2005 MGM - Where's the Coolant!!

g45g45 Posts: 17
edited March 2014 in Mercury
Wanted to change coolant on my 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis. Cooling system capacity is supposed to be 13.6 quarts. System was full up to the line with the old coolant.

Drained old coolant into clean container. It ran out smooth and fast . . very little debris. Everything looked good. But after I drained out six quarts of coolant there was no more. What happened to the other six+ quarts of coolant???

Instead of using my new coolant, I put back the old coolant and warmed up the engine just to be certain. The coolant level was, once again, right up to the line on the overflow tank.

I can't figure out how to drain the other six quarts of coolant. I realize a quart or two will remain undrainable due to the heater, etc.. But six quarts??!!

Or is the cooling system capacity of this car not really 13.6 quarts?? That would explain my dilemma.


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