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problem with my toyota tacoma driveline

bill_pfbill_pf Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Toyota
I have a 96 Toyota taco ma. its a 4 cyl. automatic which I bought used about 2 years ago. I haven brought it off road or done any "rough" driving with it. I feel I take very good care of it and do the regular maintenance required to keep the warranty good. since I bought it, I have gone through 2 drive shafts. i keep bringing it in and have been told the following things, i should lube the driveshaft at every oil change, i shouldnt lube my driveshaft at every oil change, i have too much grease in the driveshaft, i dont have enough(any) grease in the driveshaft. the problem is when the truck is in initial load, starting from a light, the rear of the truck drops and there is a loud, hard bang. it does this as soon as i let off the brake, and sometimes does it after i've rolled about 10 feet. when it does it after i've rolled, im usually on the gas and the bang is enormous. every toyota tech i've talked with, including a toyota rep at that came to a dealership to see my truck tells me this is normal, or after their done working on it they tell me its fixed. which i find out is untrue as soon as i hit the first red light. at the last trip to the dealership, i was told by the repair manager that "jiffy lube" over lubed the driveshaft again with lithium grease and that they would not fix the truck again, and i should take it somewhere else. i have a 100,000 mile warranty on the truck and just want the "real" problem fixed. i have 69000 miles on the truck, and i bought it with 21000 miles. the problem has been ongoing since about 41000 miles, and wasnt remedied with the 2 driveshafts "so far" that have been replaced. does anybody have any idea what the "real" problem is, or what i can do to get it taken care of. i've always heard good things about toyota trucks, but with all the problems im having i dont think i'd buy another or recommend anyone buying a toyota again.


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    keitherkeither Member Posts: 1
    I have had several Toyota's and am very happy with their perforamnce. I am very sure there is something very wrong with the basic set up of your truck and maybe you should go to another dealer and have it checked,there's some thing really wrong with tires or gears. I've had 3 and never had a problem of any sort exept the seats in the 98's are terrible. If you have a 4x4,they are great,but you can't leave them in gear all the time.

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    lucky20lucky20 Member Posts: 35
    Question, when you say drive line, do you mean the entire assy. or the U.-joints? I would also recommend you see an other dealer or independent shop for a second opinion. The way you have explained the problem, there is something wrong. It could be as simple as an exhaust system banging, to something wrong with suspension or drive train. Good luck.
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    mfarmer2mfarmer2 Member Posts: 67
    be interested in know that there's also a tacoma problems discussion on the pickups board.

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