Tacoma Redesign?

xc90508xc90508 Member Posts: 26
Anyone know anything about future redesigns of the Tacoma? I heard of redesigns, but they seem like small tweeks for 2012 and possibly 2013. I thought it would be a more complete redesign.

Is a full redesign not in the cards any time soon? Does Toyota feel no need being some competitor have stopped producing small trucks (Ranger, Dakota, etc.)?

I would appreciate any thoughts, insight, ideas.


  • kreuzerkreuzer Member Posts: 131
    I cannot answer your question, but would like to see some options not available currently, too.
    I'm looking for a regular cab style that offers the simple split bench seat that will sit three across and a automatic column shifter, like Toyota use to offer.
    I know the Ford Ranger offers this configuration, but it will no longer be made. I think overall, all of the auto industry is overlooking the simple things that buyers like myself look for.
    Hopefully, Dodge, Chevy or even Fiat will come out with a safe small truck offering something to my liking - but I'm not holding my breath! :cry:
    I guess as long as most people are willing to buy the full size trucks, there's no need to build smaller ones.
  • rcummelinrcummelin Member Posts: 184
    Nissan won't do a major re-design of the Frontier for at least two more years, possibly more.

    Honda has only made minor detail changes to the Ridgeline since 2006. Rumors abound regarding a "new" Ridgeline for 2013, OR Honda will simply cancel the truck altogether, like they did the Element.

    All we can do is wait.....
  • clarkebarclarkebar Member Posts: 2
    Looking to upgrade from my 15 inchers to 16's. Anyone know a site where I can purchase 16 inch rims and tires possibly from a take off to upgrade?
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