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08 T&C Lemon Law Filed

annfromjerseyannfromjersey Member Posts: 38
edited December 2013 in Chrysler
I just wanted to let everyone who owns a 2008 T&C that I have filed a Lemon Law claim even though the van is 3 years old and has 34,000 miles! My lawyer said that the amount of repairs exceed the "normal" wear and tear of a 3 yr old car.

This lawyer recently won a case for the same year and model and that family received $32,000! The entire price they paid for their van!

Chrysler has responded, they stated they will have a offer for me in 6 weeks.

I will keep everyone posted!

Don't give up! Keep calling Chrysler to complain about our vans! Don't think because you have too many miles that it is too late for lemon law!


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    roeboat109roeboat109 Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2008 at christmas time and i was wondering what your problems have been? Thanks for any reply.
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    annfromjerseyannfromjersey Member Posts: 38
    Where should I begin? I only have 36,000 miles and it will be 4 yrs old in May.
    I did purchase the $3000 extended warranty which I have used! I do have $100 deductible

    The most signifcant problem has been the sliding doors. The passenger door has been repaired 7 times!

    Oil consumption issues with two oil leaks - one almost resulted in blowing the engine - I was out of oil and the oil light came on one time!

    Driver seat adjustment switch broke - seat was stuck bent forward and had to be towed to the dealer 3 days after we bought it!

    Air conditioning leaks - hoses replaced with recalls

    Heater broke most recently

    DVD system had to be reprogrammed

    Front & rear brakes replaced twice

    Premature tire wear - all four tires replaced with Chrysler paying half of the $800

    3rd row bench not locking in place when going from folded to back up to seats

    Water leak, water collecting on the driver side door causing rust

    Transmission occasionally jumping - dealership was not able to find anything

    Driver side window grinding was repaired, not a official recall yet

    Sliding doors frozen shut when the temp dips below 30 degrees

    Interior finishes - the silver tone on center console is wearing off in places and the leather on the inside of doors scratches very easy.

    The whole van rattles & creaks like an old pickup truck when it rains and temps are lower than 50 degrees. Really annoying when the overhead console rattles. I have to drive holding the console with one hand and drive with one hand until the heat warms up the inside and then the rattle stops.
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    jwreichjwreich Member Posts: 8
    It has been over 6 weeks, can you provide status?
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    annfromjerseyannfromjersey Member Posts: 38
    Chrysler denied the first claim of full reimbursement of purchase price. The lawyer is trying again.

    Meanwhile, I go tomorrow for another set of brakes!!! Less than 20,000 miles on them.
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    manny777manny777 Member Posts: 1
    Brakes replaced 5 times for first three years, now rear brakes gone again we are 4 yrs into this nightmare! Lawyer got us some compensation from Chrysler for the brakes services but now after warranty is up 60,000 miles things are literally falling off the van. Driver side handle, driver side sliding door handles both broke off in our hands as we tried to open the doors within 2 months of each other after 3 yrs use. Running boards, DVD player now quit working, we had the rear suspension drop hit our rear tire and exploded the brand new tire doing 70MPH nearly killing us and who knows who else on 95 South near Orlando Florida cost us over $800 in towing /repairs , it is a nightmare, even A/C now cuts on when it wants to. Ignition fails at will, we don't know why neither does the dealer or any one else for that matter! These cars are LEMONS and we still owe almost $15000 on it which we were told we would still be responsible for if we turned in the vehicle. look , we wanna keep American jobs ,but when the quality of the stuff built here is this who can blame us for shopping elsewhere?? If anyone has a lawyer who has handled such a case and set a precedent for it please contact me ASAP we need help they really did a number on us and we are hard working people with 3 small children we cannot afford this loss.
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    annfromjerseyannfromjersey Member Posts: 38
    We are using 1-800- Lemon-Law based in Pennsylvania.
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    leahrmleahrm Member Posts: 1
    How did your claim turn out. We just replaced our brakes, rotors, brake hoses, pads... the works. In the first traffic jam we got in (only 600 miles and a week after the repairs were made) the brakes started smoking, locked up and damaged the brakes!
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    annfromjerseyannfromjersey Member Posts: 38
    We have a trial date on Monday, 10/7. It doesn't look good. I am beyond angry. My lawyer called and said that the most I could get is what the arbitrator recommended, under $5000. Which is not the case I was told when I hired them. I was told I could get full Lemon Law just based on the sliding doors (which broke again on Monday. The track literally fell apart). Now they have changed their tune to such a low amount it wasn't worth the stress, aggravation and I could have traded the van in before it was worthless. The dealership I bought the van from won't even take it for a trade.
    So I'm trapped with this POS!! I'm not out of work thanks to the government shutdown, my husband's hours were cut since it was such a poor summer season and we can not afford a car payment.

    My lawyer did say that Chrysler is the worst to deal with. If it was any other car, it would have been settled in 6 months not 3 years later.
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