Car Shut off and wont start. 1995 Protege LX

thekidfontanathekidfontana Member Posts: 1
I was driving two days ago went to the gas station to buy gas. Almost immediately after driving with the new gas my car shut off and I had it towed to back home because it wouldnt start back up. I changed the Spark plugs, wires, Distributor cap and button. The fuel line seems to be working from what I can hear. Timing belt is fine ! Also the car cranks as if it wants to start but will not turn over.


  • aaronjohnaaronjohn Member Posts: 6
    When you turn on your car key and get nothing, you might be in for a bad day. Just check your fuses first and your battery.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,142
    as aaronjohn mentioned, check fuses and battery. If it died WHILE you were driving, it might be the alternator. Should be pretty easy to rule out fuses & battery first, though.

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