Questions on Subaru CPO Warranties

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I ma interested in Imprezas old models before 2012 (4 door or 5 door) and I will probably go with a CPO.
I went here:

Never bought a CPO before and so confused by warranty issues, so here are my questions:

If the car has some original warranty left, is that going to be transferred to me?

Where should I look for terms conditions of 6year/100,000 mile Powertrain plan? How do I know what's covered/not covered ?

If I am not satisfied with 6year/100,000 mile Powertrain plan, I should buy Added Security Extended Service Contracts (either Classic or Gold Plus). Correct ?

Thanks Subaru owners !


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    No, it will not transfer, and although the owner is suppose to get a prorated return on his unused warranty, good luck to him in getting it. To get my unused warranty money returned, I needed to contact Subaru USA twice as the dealership (which actually send the check out) would not release/send the check to me, and after my initial call, the dealership refused to let me speak with the manager responsible for the warranty refund check. They played phone tag - even sending my call to their Nissan dealership as part of their avoidance technique.It was not a desirable experience, and I will think long and hard before ever considering buying a Subaru again. It was as if none of the consumer protections developed over the last forty years even mattered.
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    The factory warranty stays with the car, so yes, it will transfer.

    If the car has a Subaru extended warranty, that can be transferred to a new owner or, as paulvincent1 stated, the unused portion of the warranty (in terms of time/mileage, whichever is less) can be prorated back to the current owner.
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    We sold our 2002 Legacy with ~6 months or so and a lot of miles left on it.

    Gotta say, it made selling the car sooooooooooo easy. Every little concern the buyer had, I just reminded him - he had bumper to bumper warranty coverage.

    I doubt he ever used it, but he paid full asking price.
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    I'm on my 2nd new Subie and can tell you that if an extended warranty is what you are after, you should try Don at Mastria. I shopped plenty and found him to be much cheaper on the gold plus plans than anyone else I contacted, especially my selling dealer. Bought plans from him on both cars (about 4 years apart) and could not be happier with the way I was treated and the price. $1495.00 got me the 7 year 100k gold plus extended plan , $0.00 deductible. The next closest quote I got was $1975.00 with a $50.00 deductible and others were more than that! Don's contact is 888-848-4309
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    That's the same price I paid for the same warranty, same seller. It was an excellent experience.
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