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Mercedes Extended Warranty

Anyone have information what an Mercedes Extended Warrenty costs?

I have a 2009 ML350 - I was quoted a price of $2800 plus tax for a 3 yr upto 75K mile extended warrenty.

It is tough to get prices as dealers want you to go into to get price/info.


  • mbenz805mbenz805 Posts: 3
    At my dealership, it's relatively easy to get warranty pricing through Finance, but they can't do it without a VIN. It definately varies from car to car, depending on situations.

    Just know some warranties are a bit higher due to mark-up, and then some may be set in stone by MB.
  • jcastaldojcastaldo Posts: 25
    What is your dealership?
  • dpraodprao Posts: 2
    Any advice on the arbitration clause when signing the contract for new ML? The dealer says its a must and can't waive off that clause from the contract here in California.
  • derwinderwin Posts: 8
    You don't need to buy your extended warranty from the dealer that sells you the car. The finance manager at any Mercedes dealer will quote you on the MBUSA warranty. The pricing can vary quite significantly.
  • I purchased the 3 year extended warranty on my E350 (first time ever). Got it through the dealer and it is an MBUSA warranty. Good at any MB dealership. There is a percentage of price (15%?) which is for dealer profit, but many will waive it because they want you to come back for service. Don't remember, but something under $3,000 for 3 years.
    Would never purchase a warranty that is not from the vehicle manufacturer.
  • I was quoted $2795 by my local dealer for the 6/75 MBUSA extended warranty for new 2015 ML350. I purchased it from another dealer for less than $2000. Check out "extended warranty discussion" in forums on
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