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2010 F-150 Platinum with mysterious starting problem

savmyfordsavmyford Posts: 1
edited December 2017 in Ford
This truck has left me stranded 10 times.
I had it towed 6 time to the dealership and every times they cannot find a thing wrong with the vehicle..I opened a case with Ford and still unable to resolve problem. At very random times the truck will not start. it will crank for 10 sec or more but will not start. Everytime the dealership placed it on the computer, the results showed nothing wrong with the vehicle. It began to be such a problem for the dealership they began to blame it on my Iphone, claiming interference of some sort. It almost appears that the fuel injection system shut off and does not allow any fuel to pass while cranking.. I asked the dealership to check the anti-theft system and they claim everything passed test.. I love this truck but am at my wits end and cannot afford to trade. Not getting a lot of help from Ford either and thought I would post on this Forum for some help..

I have began to record the dashboard during the crank cycle when it would not start, in hopes that would help..
If anyone has any ideas, I could use the help..


  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Replace/adjust the crankshaft position sensor.
  • tlaruetlarue Posts: 2
    I am on my second round with this issue. I called the dealership maintenance department and they said I have to call roadside assistance to get it to the shop. Roadside assistance took over an hour and then they told me they would have to call me back to let me know WHEN they could be here. (Good thing I was at home and not actually needing them to pick me up on the side of the road). First time I went out to start it to go to work, dead, dead, dead. Hubby put a charger on it all day. It started, next morning got in it to go to work, dead again. Took it to the dealership and of course they could not find a thing wrong with it. Didn't drive it for a few days and went to get in it and it was dead again. Waiting on roadside assistance now (been an hour and a half wait so far) to take it back to the dealer for them to tell me they can't find the problem. I don't know about you people but I buy new vehicles to AVOID these types of issues. With $700.00 a month payments, you kind of would like the damn thing to at least start!!!! Being a woman, I don't feel safe anymore and never know when I will be stranded. Not a good feeling. Please don't buy a Ford. Hopefully the Lemon Law will kick in soon and I can afford to get something more reliable.
  • mm124mm124 Posts: 3
    I have same issue with 2012 F150, brand new and now 4 times in 10 weeks having it completely dead and them not finding out the problem.
  • mm124mm124 Posts: 3
    have you gotten a resolution? I have the same issue with my brand new F150 2012 bought in may , and 4 times dead as a door nail trying to start in now in august . they can n not figure it out !! already pursuing lemon law issue.
  • tlaruetlarue Posts: 2
    Hi, I'm sorry it took so long to get back on here. They (Ford Dealer) gave me a new battery and I haven't had an issue since. I guess since I always charged the battery before taking it in, they couldn't duplicate the problem, because it had a full charge. But when I called them and had it towed (because the keys were in it and the keypad wouldn't work because there was no powere at all) they figured it out. I hope this helps, I know how frustrating it can be.
  • mm124mm124 Posts: 3
    Do you recall what they discovered as the cause. Cause they have gotten mine in dead 2 times and can not find the reason for it.
  • I know this is an old thread but thought I would comment anyway as I was looking for an answer to this same question too...

    My 2012 F150 ecoboost has all the same symptoms. Dealer just figured out it is the BCM and are going to replace it. They also said it may have been the cause of some of the other symptoms I had like poor auto start response...

  • tutot_turtletutot_turtle north east USPosts: 1
    Fuel pump fuse socket has melted. Happened to my 2010 F-150 Lariat. The fuse socket is physically too small, smaller than your baby fingernail. Mechanic used a physically larger fuse of the same value (20A I'm pretty sure.)
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