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Trunk edge rubbing on bumper (Optima)

lakerfan24lakerfan24 Posts: 24
Got a 2012 SX and just noticed something while I had the trunk open. The bottom edge of the trunk had been rubbing against the top of the bumper. You can only see this when the trunk is open. Open your trunk and look at the surface of the bumper on the right and left edges where the trunk comes down to close. I have a wear mark on both sides of my bumper and when looking at the trunk edge where it would meet, there is signs of wear there also. I thought it came from slamming the trunk but no, it doesn't hit and there is a good half inch gap or so. I tried pushing down on the trunk but still can't make it rub
I brought my car to the service dept and told them about it. They told me there's not much they can do and for me to monitor it to see if it gets worse. And if it does get worse they may have to adjust the body/frame or something. While I was there, I checked out a couple of the used Optimas in the lot. Popped open the trunk and saw the same wear marks as my car. Check yours out people...


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