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Dealer Demos

mac4bmac4b Posts: 1
Looking for general pros and cons on buying BMW Dealer Demos.
I saw a few posts but am looking for additional 'watch outs'.
Also anything specific to getting a demo through finance, lease or BMW Select programs.
Lastly, any specifics regarding the warranty, extensions, miles on car, etc?
Thanks in advance and greatly appreciate the moderator of this group and expertise provided.


  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    All BMW's get a momentary run up to high speeds before they leave the factory to check things out. But, the user's manual specifies to avoid multiple gear downshifts and full throttle accelleration until the thing has at least 1000 miles on it. So, what do people do when they get into a car to check it out? Do all of those things, often while it is cold, without a proper warmup. Now, how much, if any, that affects overall longevity, I can't say, but I'd rather treat it nicer during that breakin period. I picked mine up in Germany and it showed 1-mile on it.

    The warranty should cover the vehicle if there's problems. If you usually keep one beyond the warranty period, it might become an issue; otherwise, probably not.
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