2013 Acura RDX

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What are your thoughts on the 2013 Acura RDX? I have serious considered the RDX in the past but could not get past the design. I am really liking the new look.


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    I too am interested in this new model. Im attracted to the better Gas Mileage. Also curious to see color options, and to see one in person. I just test drove a new 2012.... I liked it!.. Cant wait to see the 2013.

    I think they may hit the dealers here in a few weeks.... Curious to know how flexible pricing will be on a new release like this.... Ill be checking here frequently:)
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    2013 RDX vs 2012 CRV

    I am in the market for either the CRV or new RDX, both with navi. I have owned many Acura and Honda products. I'd like to get several opinions as to which folks prefer. Amongst the many questions I have...
    - Will the handling, torque, and acceleration be significantly better on the upcoming RDX (due out next week) ?
    - Will it be safe to use regular gas in the new RDX V-6
    -Is the new RDX interior much nicer than the CRV

    My understanding is that the price difference between the 2 fully loaded is about 10K.

    Anyway....let the discussion begin!!!
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    Where's Edmunds' review of the new RDX? They are usually one of the first to review new models.
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    Good question, nothing since the end of February.

    There's a couple of "first drives" out there, including this one from MotorAuthority.

    I have a feeling ours won't be too far behind (can't imagine an editor would have turned down a free scoping trip to Scottsdale but maybe they want to look at one on their own terms).
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    test drove one today, wish they kept the SH-AWD, now it's just a souped up CRV with a V6 engine for $10k more. to be honest, this car is kinda boring to drive now w/o Turbo, engine is quiet, but car felt more bouncy and has more side to side movement than the 2012 I test drove few weeks ago. The dealer wanted MSRP for it, they somehow think they have a winner in their hands. I guess if I tried harder they might knock $500 off, but I didn't fall in love with it, so I didn't really try. AFter I got home, I contacted the dealer that I test drove the 2012 before to see what kind of deal I can get on a leftover 2012 with tech package.
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    Thanks for that report; wondered if the new RDXs were starting to arrive at the dealers yet.
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    Would it void the warranty if i fill up the car with regular gas, What would happens to my mpg ?
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    No, it will not void your warranty. Premium is recommended but not required. You may lose some mpg and power, but it will not hurt your engine.
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    can you provide a link from Acura saying premium is recommended but not required? As far as I know, the offical words from Acura is "using gasoline with an octane lower than 91 octane may cause damage to the engine. Please consult the owner's manual for details" so unless we see a press release from Acura, I wouldn't take the words from some guy on Edmunds forum. Seriously, if you drive 10k a year and premium is 20cents/gallon more, you are only looking at $100 more a year. If you can afford an Acura, the extra $100-200/yr shouldn't kill you.
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    Edmunds says "premium unleaded (required)" for the 2013 RDX. We also say "Specs are Edmunds.com's expectations". Hm.

    Motortrend says "RECOMMENDED FUEL Unleaded premium".

    Acura isn't saying. :confuse:
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    What, you think I'd lie?! ;) See the following website, the paragraph about Fuel Tank and Driving Range:


    "The RDX's 16-gallon fuel tank is located in a protected position under the body and forward of the rear wheels. The RDX has an EPA estimated* city/highway/combined fuel economy of 19/27/22 mpg (AWD) and 20/28/23 (2WD), which gives it an estimated highway range of approximately 430 miles (AWD) and 450 miles (2WD) miles on one tank of fuel. The use of Premium fuel is recommended (but not required) for the 3.5L V-6 engine in the 2013 RDX."

    I know people spout erroneous facts all the time on the internet, but I try not to post things unless I'm confident in the facts. That's why I don't post much. But I've read or watched every review of the 2013 RDX and read any related website I could find. I'm really looking forward to driving one, as I think its between the RDX and a TL Tech AWD to replace my 1996 Celica.
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    Cool, a link from the source (t'would be nice if "Acura" would just put it on their future RDX pages). Acura's not even citing mpg estimates yet that I saw (maybe Honda getting burned in the class action over the Civic Hybrid mpg has made them reluctant to post that info).
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    I spoke to the salesman which assured me , It can be driven w/ regular gas , and the only difference would be felt on the performance. Other than not offerring blind spot monitor , I love the vehicle.
  • joecrossoverjoecrossover Member Posts: 6
    When you test drive The 2013 Acura RDX you will be not comparison. It is totally worth paying a few grands more for the 2013 RDX. I also own a CRV.
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    oh I forgot I was in the 2013 thread, I was thinking about the 2012 with the turbo engine, which do require premium. Anyway, after my test drive of the 2013, I pretty much gave up on the 2013, as it's not worth the $5k more over 2012s, as pretty much all dealers want close to MSRP for it. Let us know what you think after your test drive.
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    I took The 2013 Acura RDX for a spin. The vehicle feels compose, agile, and ready to go. The noise cancelling technology works perfect. The seats are very comfortable. Two things I did not like. 1. Even with the technology package it does not offer blind spot monitor system. Even on kia's is offered, Instead It offer a convex mirror to go around the blind spot. Which I don't buy. 2. It does not offer rear passenger a/c vents , keep in mind it has the holes for it, and it is being used as a coin holder or something like it. They need only to run the a/c through it. It will perfectly fit a a/c vent on it.
    About the price, I tested a top of the line with all the toys on it , the msrp was 38,900 asking price. And you know it can be knock down.
    You may get a good deal on a 2012 RDX. But who wants to go there knowing that as soon you pull the vehicle from dealer's lot the vehicle is going to be old, One year old. And who wants to pay all that money for a car that looks old.

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    the MSRP for the top of the line with AWD and Tech pacakge is $40305, maybe you didn't test drive the one with AWD? maybe Acura dropped the MSRP after they saw all the comments from the first drive article in autoblog? hahaha. Yes, the convex mirror was different and distracting with its fun house mirror effects.
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    I have owned a 2006 MDX and currently own a 2009 MDX and a 2008 TL. None of these 3 vehicles have ever had a drop of premium gas and I have never had any problems or loss of power. When I got the 2006 MDX I looked at the engine specs and they were almost exactly the same as the Pilot I had at that time. I called Honda and asked them why they recommended premium for the Acura and Regular for the Honda. They could not give be a good answer so I have been using regular in my Acuras for the last 6 years. I am going to buy a 2013 RDX as soon as I can. It will not see a drop of premium either.
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    Took the car for a spin yesterday on a slick from rain Miami morning. 2013 vs. 2012 are night and day. This drive with smooth and quiet. Steering is very precise to a point that after every turn it took a bit to get into a position to stay straight. Brakes are a little sensitive as well. Pickup not as quick as I'd hoped. Console is easy to use. SMS only works for Blackberries and Pandora only with iphones. No rear air vents are a bit of a letdown but stadium-style seating lets backseat passengers see the road. Wide angle back camera is welcome. Car feels solid and more mature than 2012. Salesman didn't even discuss price.
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    The lack of AC vents on the rear center console kind of sucks but they are AC vents under the front seats that blow cold air to the rear. So it is not like you have to rely solely on the front vents for the rear passengers. No one seems to mention this.
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    I'd read that somewhere about the under-the seat vents and asked the sales guy if there were any but he said, disappointedly, no. I'd really like to know.
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    Any ideas that when the price of new 2013 rdx would drop? The dealer was just talking about $500 off MSRP.
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    I test drove the 2013 RDX today followed by a test drive of the CR-V. In my opinion there's no comparison. The Acura drove beautifully. It had power and precise steering. By comparison the CR-V felt small and light in weight and power compared to the Acura.

    The dealership only had one car and said they wouldn't be getting a shipment for at least a month or two. He also made it very clear that there would be nothing off the MSRP.

    Anyone have any idea how long it usually takes when a new model is introduced for the price to drop?
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    Two things you have to do.
    1. Check how many vehicles they are on stock.
    2. Just before the end of the month , when sale person needs to meet his or her quota.
    Don't forget to find out how much the dealer paid for the vehicle before you go to the dealership.
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    How can I calculate the "true" dealer cost? Isn't it below dealer invoice?
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    There's holdback. That's why dealers can sell cars for less than invoice.

    There's also dealer incentives, both published (like dealer cash) and ones that we don't know about, like sales bonuses, spiffs, free training, deals on loaner cars and demos, cruises, extra ad money, who knows.

    The owner of the dealership probably doesn't know the "true" cost until the accountants close the books at the end of the month or end of the quarter.
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    Having been through this with Acura before, it usually is about 6-9 months after a new model hits when supply starts to overcome ready demand. Figure next fall for getting a reduction from the msrp that is substantial enough for those who like to negotiate. Until then, I don't blame any dealers who want to get full price while they can.

    Am disappointed there are no air ducts for the rear seat passengers as I live in a very warm climate. Was glad to see the awd mpg numbers though, they are really close to the new x3 with the turbo 4. Even though the former model was nice, the mpg and harsh ride made it a "no go" for me. I like what I'm reading about the tests for the softened ride and quieter cabin, am not buying an suv to hang with sports cars anyway. It sounds like it performs well enough yet cruises much better. Also, I don't mind the reduction of rear wheel power going from 70 to 50% with the new awd system, I prefer a front wheel drive bias for poor weather conditions.

    Good to see early reports coming in -- I'm in the market for something late 2012 to early 2013, maybe the next version will add the rear ducts.
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    Lease offers for RDX started Friday. Would not have expected them that quicly.

    http://www.acura.com/tools/shopping/CurrentOffersFinance.aspx?model=rdx&zip=3313- 8
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    That link takes me to leases for the 2012.
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    Go all the way to the bottom of the page to see 2013 lease deals.
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    I was looking through the website and didn't see Back-up Sensors being offered like the 2012 RDX had. The product specialist at the NY Autoshow said that the dealer would be able to install it but I'm not so sure. i know that the 2013 RDX comes with a back-up camera but i like the sensors also. Anybody know about this?
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    I know it's early but I'd like to know what the 2013 AWD is like compared to the CRV version, since the SH-AWD will no longer be available. I like most of what I'm seeing and hearing about the 2013 RDX. I would hope it handles better than the CRV. Since I've only driven first generation CRV's, did that AWD system ever get better in the latter generations of CRV's? I wasn't a big fan of it, I didn't think it did that much- our little, older Civic was better in the snow. I like the 6 cylinder and would just wish for manual transmission availability.
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    Went with wife to see RDX on lot Saturday after NW PA dealer was closed and then called them Monday. Only willing to come $400 off price even though my wife bought her 2003 CL-S from them. Parents just bought 2012 CR-V EXL AWD without navigation for $27,125 and it is a nice vehicle (back up camera is very nice!). However, my wife has waited ten years for a new car and will test drive the RDX when we get back from vacation. She is not happy that the Base RDX AWD does not have Zenon lights and a few other items that her 2003 CL-S has. I think the base TSX even has Zenon lights. Her major complaint though is the bundling of navigation with features she wants such as the Zenon lights and the power lift gate. Feels ACURA ripping her off by having to pay extra for the nav to get what she wants. I had warned her before she started looking that she will probably have to spend at least $40,000 to get all the features she wants no matter what car company she buys from. I may be wrong, but a 2012 MDX AWD without the tech package might only be 2k more than the RDX with the tech packge and the MDX has the Zenon lights.

    I wish they kept the 2012 Super handling and had dual chrome exhauts for the rear. Cargo space of 8 more cubic feet to 35 or so would be nice also. The CV-R, which is about $10,000 cheaper has about 37! Of course vehicle stying has a lot to due with this. I will try to post what she eventually does.
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    We test drove a CRV and while it looks good on paper, I felt that honda crammed too much into the vehicle at the expense of cutting corners in some critical areas, in effect cheapening the overall ride and appearance. For example, The right side passenger seat seemed short and was very uncomfortable. It appeared to me that they had shortened the seat to save weight. I can't imagine sitting in it for long trips. I also found the buttons surrounding the navi system were very small and confusing. Just several little things like that. I know the CRV has a strong track record, but we were concerned we would quickly have buyers remorse. We looked at least ten different vehicles before settling on the RDX. Granted it is 10k more expensive than the CRV, but it felt it. Solid, comfortable, quiet, functional.........we pick ours up this evening!
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    Hi, I just bought the RDX 2013 with Tech package without AWD for $500 below MSRP (after getting one price quote at MSRP and a third one at $500 below). I think your wife may like the other things included in the tech package -- upgraded stereo, nav, and storage of CDs on the car's hard drive.

    At any rate, we love pretty much everything about the car. The sense of spaciousness is great as is the ride and the interior quietness. Braking feels secure and assured. Acceleration is smooth.
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  • markt5markt5 Member Posts: 3
    It was $38,415 in CA.
  • qman168qman168 Member Posts: 4
    May I know if this out the door price or not?
  • markt5markt5 Member Posts: 3
    Before taxes, etc. It is the MSRP minus $500 for the 2 WD with tech package.
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    One of the reviews I saw said it had a full size spare tire but I haven't found it listed in the Acura literature. Does anyone know if the RDX has a real spare tire?
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    lol, we say it has:

    Alloy wheels
    18 x 7.5 in. wheels
    Steel spare wheel
    P235/60R18 102V tires
    All season tires
    Inside mounted spare tire
    Temporary spare tire

    Talk about covering the bases. Guess that means it depends on the style of RDX you get or the option package.

    2013 Acura RDX Features & Specs

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    Don't see the confusion. It's a temporary tire mounted on a steel rim and stored inside the vehicle. The rest of the tires are mounted on alloys in the size and type indicated. Why would it be different per style or option pkg?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    So they can charge more money?

    Your explanation makes sense, thanks.

    Can't say I've ever heard of a temporary spare being mounted on an alloy rim though or anything else other than steel.

    At least is doesn't have runflats eh?
  • rlemayrlemay Member Posts: 3
    Yes, not having runflats is a good thing.

    Thanks. I'll try to find the review I watched on YouTube that said it had a "full-size" spare tire. Or I could drive to the Acura dealer. ;)
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    Wife traded in a 2008 Nissan Rogue about 3 weeks ago. Got an AWD non-tech and couldn't be happier with it. We looked at some others like the BMW X3, Audi Q5, Honda CRV, etc. It really came down to the RDX and the Q5. I preferred the look and interior of the Q5. I preferred the engine and price of the RDX. I didn't think the Q5 was worth the asking price but it was very nice. I also still have questions about VW/Audi reliability even though I had previously owned a GTI and had zero problems. The wife has put about 1,000 miles on it so far and she's getting about 24mpg.
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    Could be a difference between F/awd or not....
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    Test drove the 2013 RDX at Radley Acura in Virginia and the salesman said one of the benefits of this model is that it takes regular gas.

    I pointed out that the literature all says premium required, and he said not at all. In fact, he argued I'd get better mileage with mid-grade gas, which is what he says he uses in his TL.

    Is this guy smoking something?
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    Hm, I wonder if he's confused since the new RDX is getting a new engine and will be using the same AWD drivetrain as the CR-V?

    We also say the 2013 RDX requires premium unleaded.

    The last word though would be what the gas cap or flap says.

    btw, what were your other impressions from the test drive?
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    I tried this with my 2011 RDX. On premium I averaged 21 mpg on midgrade I averaged 21mpg on regular I averaged 18MPG. I guess I will stick with Premium.
  • quakerwildcatquakerwildcat Member Posts: 39
    My impressions from the test drive were mostly Wow this is not like the old RDX! It's only an inch bigger but it feels much bigger to me. The fun-to-drive quotient is down. It feels much more to me like an SUV -- like I'm sitting behind the wheel of a truck. I wasn't nuts either about the electronic steering -- felt more numb to me than the reviews I've seen made it out to be. All in all, it's clear they are targeting squarely against the Lexus.

    I was also disappointed with some of the interior features that seem to have been overlooked. No rear vents. No 12V outlet in the back. No grocery bag hooks. And the rear seats don't fold all the way flat like they do in the CR-V. You're left with a pretty big hump when you put the seats down. Disappointing. Then there's that premium gas.

    On the plus side, the fit and finish is outstanding. The seats, the drivers position, and the redesigned interior are definitely a class above the previous model. The engine isn't what I'd call exciting but it's responsive, smooth and refined, and the mileage is best in class if it delivers as advertised. The car appears to be quieter than previous models as well, which is important to me. And the standard features, like always, are impossible to beat.

    So all my disappointments considered, I still may be buying one. I don't need 4WD but I want a car that seats 4 tall people comfortably, can handle a load when needed, is uber-reliable, gets respectable mileage, and would be comfortable on very long road trips. Cars like the CR-V fail on the last point (comfort and road noise), "near-luxury" cars don't have the space I need, and SUVs generally get horrible mileage. Crossovers like the Volvo and Audi cost even more and aren't more reliable, practical, or efficient.

    The killer is I need to buy a car within the next few weeks, which means I'd be paying a silly premium for this car. Bad timing for me.
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