O2 Sensor Failure on SUV's & Imports

reddogsreddogs Member Posts: 353
I have a lot of friends who bought SUV's or imports and their O2 sensors go out almost immeadiately (12k-24k), the dealers can't find a code but eventually they change the O2 sensor. They seem to know something because after talking to them they say the O2 sensor can go at any time, even brand spanking new from the factory or off coming off the boat from overseas. Does anyone know anything about this, it seems funny or a bit unsual for a part to go out so quickly and nothing is mentioned in the owners manual or recall bulletin. I would appreciate any help on this, thanks ahead of time.


  • deepandeepan Member Posts: 342
    I had a 95 Maxima which i bought in 98 and finally traded it in because of numerous problems including changing the O2 sensor 3 times within 2 yrs. Someone suggested a BOSCH sensor. Chkout the 'Maxima problems'
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