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Any year(s) Mazda5 to avoid in Canada?

riverdalediyriverdalediy Member Posts: 1

I am starting the process of replacing my 2005 Hyundai Elantra GT, I've had two Elantra's which were both bulletproof to over 200K. I can't afford new and since there is a gap in the Elantra's imported here (Last GT i.e. hatchback, was 2006 and first Touring was 2009) I need something solid and reliable to replace it.

I am looking for a 5spd manual and am currently leaning towards the 2008 GT. The year and trim level is not set in stone but the 5spd manual is. However, I'm just wondering if there is a year/model to avoid due to major component issues, such as a particular engine/transmission/suspension/tire wear, etc. or perhaps a particular model/year to aim for because it has a certain feature etc.

I'm not overly worried about minor nagging things at this point, I just don't want to get saddled with a major issue (e.g. Subaru style head gasket issue).

As an aside, what is the deal with the factory privacy glass on the GT's? It seems like that would be a given but I have seen many GT's without it? What years was it offered and was it only part of an optional package etc.?

Thank you
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