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I purchased a 2012 Journey SE last November. At 7200 miles, it was time to rotate the tires. I rotated the tires as indicated on the Hankook waranty card and as I have for the last 20 years on other vehicles. After the rotation the car began to pull to the right. There was no pull prior to the rotation. So, I swapped the LF and RF tire and drove the car and the car then pulls to the left. So at this point I believe the tire is the problem so I move the suspect tire to the rear resulting in no pull. So obviously the OE tire with 7200 miles on it does not track true due to a manufacuter defect. The tire is wearing evenly and is of expected tread depth for mileage (8/32).

I had the Dodge dealer verify my findings and was expecting they would submit to Hankook to have the tire replaced. Oh, but this was not the case. The service manager, the parts manager and the general manager all explained to me that they could not do anything about the tire and I had to contact Hankook to get the tire replaced. As I was not happy with the answer, I contacted the Hankook Dealer down the street to verify the dealer (Hondru Dodge) was feeding me a line of nonsense. They did explain to me that the dealer should submit a form to Hankook to get the tire replaced.

I called Chrysler customer care and they also fed me the nonsense that replacing the OE tire due to defect was my responsibility. As you can imagine, I was irate.

After a week of hounding Hankook for a warranty form, I see at the top of the form a box where the dealer is required to input their Dealer information. The tire place down the street is now helping me, although they are not required to.

Has anyone else had this experience?


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    Hi, my tires are bald and causing a thumping in my front end when I drive over 50 mph. I've been complaining about the thumping since I bought the car brand new. But the dealer said he can't reproduce the sound that the car supposedly makes. Now, the dealer tells me that it's because the tires are no good..even though the car only has 40,000 miles on it. Is this true...can my tires be bald or considered no good after only 40, 000 miles? And don't even get me started on the flood that has created water damage and mold on the passenger side of my vehicle. Has anyone else had a water problem? I was told that it's because the a/c ducts and the sun roof vents were blocked with debris. The dealer is full of it and had no debris to show me to back up his story. Also, I have my car professionally cleaned monthly..if there was debris, I'd know it.
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    Be glad your tires lasted 40,000. My tires that came with the car from the factory only lasted 21,000 miles and I take very good care of my car. I have very little patience for the Dodge dealers. I replaced the tires with CrossContact LX20 with EcoPlus Technology and they are awesome.

    I had a 2000 Ford Ranger that had a AC condensate drain problem that caused water to leak into the passenger side front floorboards. The drain was plugged with a spiders nest and the condensate tray overflowed. But I was fortunate enough to find that on my own.
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