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New Ford F-350 Trucks

coyotecoyote Posts: 3
edited February 2014 in Ford
What's the latest "scoop" on the newly redesigned
Ford F-350s to be rolled out soon? Apparently,
there are no product brochures or pricing info yet.
Anybody heard anything about potential release


  • mharde2mharde2 Posts: 278
    Last I heard coyote, release date is March 98. Will start building them in Louisville in January.
  • ljrtljrt Posts: 9
    in response to coyote:

    check out this page:

    I think that you will be happy..
  • ljrtljrt Posts: 9
    one more thing coyote...
    my salesman called me on Dec.24 and said that they
    would have all the prices and be able to order the
    new trucks on Jan. 6.
    they should have the brochures then too..
  • richflynnrichflynn Posts: 147
    I checked out the truckworld web site. WOW!!! I now know a heck of lot more than the sales people at two different dealerships. According to the Detroit car show web site, Ford is to display the new trucks on Jan 7. The LA show will probably be showing the new trucks by Jan. 8.
  • RBenneRBenne Posts: 2
    There's a rumor making the rounds that the V-10, so anxiously awaited, is getting less MPG than the current 460 and is disappointing in that regard. anyone hear/see anything to address this??
    Also latest Motor Trend has a picture of a 99 F250 Super Duty CrewCab from the Vegas SEMA show.
  • ljrtljrt Posts: 9
    The only place that I have been able to find prices for the new F-series super duty fords
    This page is dedicated to powerstrokes.
  • Go to for prices on the new Super Duty F-Series Ford trucks. Kelley Blue Book
    has a complete price list by model. Good site!
  • rite3rite3 Posts: 69
    Has anyone managed to get any literature from their ford dealer on the 99s yet? . I heard the handouts were supposed to be in the dealers hands on the 6th of feb but I checked again today and no luck. A small glimpse of a 99 during the daytona 500 during a commercial break was all Ive seen from ford so far. They did the auto shows, they are starting to to show up on the lots, and we know more about their trucks than the dealers do. You gotta love the net.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    Copies of some Ford brochures are posted on a site called Jason's Powerstroke. I am not sure of the exact internet address, but it is listed somewhere in one of the other topics section. I have no problem finding it using the key words "Jason's Powerstroke" using the Altavista search engine. That site is the most informative I have found yet. It even has a link to the recently released towing and cargo limits for the new trucks. There is also a link for complete MSRP and Dealer invoice pricing for the new trucks. If you use the Meadowland Ford Link, you will find pictures of the new trucks from a show in San Antonio.
  • New HD 250's and 350's available in Boise area. No prices from Ford as of two days ago with the V-10.
    Looks like they changed suspension to me using more torsion bars and less "beef" in front leaves of springs. Was told by salesman that all new 250's and 350's will be heavy duty, i.e., at least 8,800 lb gvw. The two I looked at were 4wd and ride clearance looked lower to me than my '88. I need to find out about V-10 engine performance and maintenance. Been out for about year in vans etc, but have not been able to find anyone who has enough miles to tell me how they really run. They should get better mileage than the 460, I get 12.5 with 120,000 miles, but not much better and the torque ought to outperform the powerstrokes. But seeing is believing.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    I haven't heard any feedback on the V-10 either. The 12.5 mpg with the 460 was more than I expected. I have a 92 F-250HD 4x4 with the 5.8L and I average about 14-15 hwy (in 2wd). I figure to give up about 2 mpg if I move up to the V-10.

    It's my understanding that Ford will continue to make the light duty F-250 trucks in the same body style as the F-150s, but it looks like the models are limited. For example, I don't think they have a 1998 light duty F-250 4x4 extended cab in a long bed. The new Superduty line appears to have just about every possible model available, including the dual rear wheel in 4wd.

    We should start seeing some of the new Superduties on the road shortly. They are suppose to be in showrooms in the beginning of March and they have been taking orders since January. I think I read that Ford received 40,000 or 50,000 orders for the new Superduty trucks.
  • Brutus--the gold mines near Elko Nevada ordered a fleet of the new V-10 heavy duties. Many have been delivered. Their maintenance people attend school that attended by folks from Boise. Will be awhile before we find out how performance. V-10 engine is supposed to be same engine as in Lincoln with two more jugs added. The V-8 in the Lincoln gets mileage around 25 per at 75MPH. We have a very few super duties on the road now and more will follow quickly. Also, thanx for pricing info. Not nearly as spendie as I expected, although I am old enough that I remember when you could buy a good house for the cost of a loaded XLT.
  • CJimCJim Posts: 3
    OK the superduties have hit the Denver market. I have checked out the option list on Kelly and it looks like someone finally made a truck that will pull the loads I need to pull in the mountains with the 6 speed and the factory engine brake.
    NOW has anyone pulled with one yet please let me
    know how it was Thanks.
  • wvjkqwvjkq Posts: 1
    dnorris there is no way v10 could beat 7.3 dsl in torque dsl has 500 ft-lb
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    The stats on the 1999 Ford Superduty engines are listed as:

    5.4L V-8 - 235 HP, 335 Torque
    6.8L V-10 - 275 HP, 410 Torque
    7.3L Turbo dsl - 235 HP, 500 Torque

    The diesel has more torque, less horsepower.
  • ljrtljrt Posts: 9
    I posted this question in the MISC. Question but I thought I would try here also.

    Can anyone tell me what would be better, 4.10 or
    3.73 rear end. I am going to order a new F350 Power Stroke 4X4 Dually and can't decide what axle ratio I need. I tow a 34 ft fifth wheel a lot during the summer. I currently have a '93 F250 4X4 with 460 and 4.10 axle ratio. I have enough power to cruise on the freeway at 60 mph but the mileage is down to about 8 mph. I know it will be better with the Power Stroke but unsure of the gearing.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113

    What price are you getting on the new truck? Prices seem to range between $1,100-$1,300 over dealer invoice.
  • ljrtljrt Posts: 9

    I am going to get it at 4% over the invoice. I saw the invoice for one just like it but the wrong color and wrong interior and no CD player.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113

    I'll be ordering an F-350 in a week or two. I'm trying to cheat right now. I have a friend who has a friend who owns several dealerships out-of-state. We sent him an e-mail yesterday to see if he was in a position to quote a better price and drop ship it here. It's a long shot, but it's worth a try. Otherwise, I will order it locally. My hold-up has been my trade-in, which I have now decided to sell myself.

    If you're ordering a Lariat, I've heard the leather interiors won't be available until early April.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113

    My dad bought a 97 F-350 Powerstroke dually, manual tranny last year. He pulls a 35 foot fifth wheeler. I believe he has the 4.10 rear end. I will try to give him a call tomorrow and see what kind of gas mileage he gets and what kind of cruising speeds he manages.
  • ljrtljrt Posts: 9

    I await your response. Thank you for looking into it for me.
  • jdbjdb Posts: 20

    In case you didn't see the other thread, I ordered my F-350 supercab 4X4 for $500 over invoice and had several dealers willing to do it. I'm in the Bay area - CA.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113

    I just spoke with my dad. He strongly recommended the 4.10 ratio if you are going to be towing a big fifth wheeler regularly. He said the 3.73 is the best all around if you are planning to tow boats or snowmachines, but the 4.10 will serve you better for the bigger loads. He said you will get better gas mileage with the 3.73 when you're not towing, but you will get better gas mileage with the 4.10 when you are towing. He hasn't really checked the gas mileage when not towing, but figures he gets 16-18. He said he gets 10-12 when towing the 35 foot fifth wheeler, with the average being closer to 10. He said that a lot of the figures you hear about mpg are based on optimal driving conditions. His figures are based on an average of the trips he took last year, including mountain driving and some some strong head winds at times. His trip last year started in Indiana. He drove to Cleveland OH, then to Myrtle Beach SC, on to Orlando FL, then to Las Vegas NV, up to San Francisco CA, then Seattle and finally up to Anchorage Alaska where he lives. He stayed up there for a couple of months before driving back to Seattle and then over to Ohio where the truck and trailer are parked for the winter. He says he can cruise conmfortably at 65-70 with the trailer in tow, but rarely exceeds 60mph by choice. It sounds like it depends on your needs. If you only plan to tow the fifth wheeler on a couple of trips each year, so the primary use for your truck will not be towing, the 3.73 will be more than adequate, and maybe even preferable since the mileage will be better when not towing and the engine won't work as hard. On the other hand, if your primary function will be to tow the fifth wheeler, you'll want to go with the 4.10. My dad pretty much only uses his truck for towing. That's why he parked it in Ohio this winter. He bought a little used Bronco II 4x4 a few years ago that he uses to get around in Alaska in the winter. The 4.10 was a given for him, considering his use. Most of us don't have the luxury of having an extra vehicle exclusively for towing, so the 3.73 ratio may be what you need. I'd get some more feedback from some of the other guys in this chat area. "mharde2" just bought a new Ram 2500, and I think he got the 3.55 or something similar. He hauls a big fifth wheeler. You might check out some of his posts.


    Thanks for the info. Now that I've decided to sell my truck rather than trade it in, I'm in a better position to shop the best price on the new truck. I may just run down the yellow pages and ask them to quote me their best price over invoice. The only reason I haven't ordered yet is that I found a better rate for my financing through my credit union at work. It will take another week or two to become an official member and get the loan lined up.
  • ljrtljrt Posts: 9

    Thank you and I thank your dad also. I appreciate all of you info findings, I think that I will end up getting the 4.10's just for a safe measure. It still has to better than my F-250 4X4.

    Thanks again. It is nice to beable to get great information before you make a big purchase.
  • richflynnrichflynn Posts: 147
    I would suggest the 3.73:1 AND adding an auxillary gear set to replace the tail shaft of the Ford transmission. Typically the aux is either a step up or step down. You woudl then have the best of both worlds. Efficient freeway driving and good trailer towing. I mentioned in another thread that a company called US Gear makes such a device. Today I guess that they are two grand and about half that to install. I've ordered my F-250 HD with a diesel and 3.73:1 positraciton. The plan is to eventually pull a 5th wheel. Then I'll add the aux tranny.

  • richflynnrichflynn Posts: 147
    I just found this link.
    It looks like the cost is about $2300 plus $400 to install. However, they didn't mention the power take off on the new HD transmission. So install may be higher. These prices are for a '97 also.

  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113

    What made you opt for the F-250 over the F-350? About a month ago, I asked the question in another topic area, and the feedback I got was that if the extra $1,000 wasn't a problem, that I should go with the F-350.

    Now for a dumb question. What color did you order? Believe it or not, that has been the hardest part of my decision. I never really gave it much thought. I've pretty much decided on a two tone with black as the main color and a silver border on the bottom. The down side of a black truck is that it will be tough to keep clean and it will show nicks more, but I looked at several older model trucks and the blacks and whites seem to look good after several years. I never thought I would own a black truck.
  • ljrtljrt Posts: 9
    Thanks for the suggestion. I have seen the US Gear before but quite frankly have forgoten about it. I will try to get ahold of them and see if they have it for the new trans.
    thanks again.
  • richflynnrichflynn Posts: 147

    I'll answer the easy one first:
    Oxford white with a silver lower. Several reasons, better resale later (to a contractor who wants to paint a sign on the door); a white roof is cooler that a darker color; white is about the easiest color to keep clean; finally I couldn't get any other color combo in white. I really agonized over the sunset gold color but didn't like the two tone combos. (See the "From One Extreme ...." brochure from Ford for how good it looks in a real sunset!)

    I actually considered the 350. However after considering:
    Almost always running unloaded;
    Almost always on the LA freeways;
    Both 350 & 250 can tow up to 13,800 5th wheel;
    (That's a big 5th wheel.)
    I want as close to lux-o-boat ride as possible.

    I felt that the 250 would ride smoother. I thought about 4x4; but I'm almost never going off road, here mileage and ride comfort win out. Finally the 'chop' on the LA freeways is tough. They make a saw cut in the concrete road bed and this creates a chop-chop-chop-chop ride. You really have to play with the speed to get a comfortable ride. There was no real difference between my '86 F-250 and '92 F-250 in the ride. Everyone that I've spoken to that has driven the new '99 says it rides better than the '97 F-150. The '97 was supposed to be a 'go cart to lincoln' difference over the older body style. If I get pick up to Ranchero ride improvement I'll be delighted!

    There is one other thing about color. Any vehicle with a white roof can be made to appear as a government or official vehicle when viewed from the eye in the sky. Send me an e-mail if you want details.

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