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Toyota ECHO: The Secret Rally Car

crizzlec_echocrizzlec_echo Member Posts: 3
You guys do realize this car is perfectly balanced for rally racing right?

Id love to throw in a picture so here's one of my car after the trials rqace in St.George Utah


  • kneisl1kneisl1 Member Posts: 1,694
    The engine has solid shim under bucket lifters like my motorcycle does. It can really scream.

    Once on the NJTPK there was a left lane blocker in the left of the three lanes. No one could pass him he was going 65. Mercedes, Cadillacs and SUVs tried to pass him on the right but he would speed up then slow down after they backed off. I said to myself oh well Im just going to go 65.

    Then somehow I found myself next to him with open road ahead of us. I sped up and so did he. I put my foot on the floor and left it there. I had no intention of ever lifting it no matter what. I was going so fast I did not dare look at the speedo. After a bit he slowed down and backed off (he was driving a Saab) Before I slowed down I looked at the speedo.

    It said 106.

    Once going home at midnite (I work 2nd shift) I was all alone at a light. Then I crossed a bridge. I was half way over the bridge (two lanes each way) when two SUVs came up rapidly behind me. They both tried to pass so we had three cars in two lanes! I saw sparks from one of them hitting the guardrail!

    I made the next left into the neighborhood where I live. One of the nutball SUVs followed me! He tried to pass me and force me to stop. I put it in 2nd and floored it to 60+ mph. Then I drove left right left right around the neighborhood as fast as I could go. He kept getting farther and farther behind. WHn I lost him I went home.

    So yes I can understnad why an ECHO would make a nice little rally car if you beefed up the suspension a bit.

    But I drive like 45 most of the time.
  • crizzlec_echocrizzlec_echo Member Posts: 3
    I have had similar issues on the highway, I'll pass slow vehicles and then they see my decals/liveries and decide that I want to race.

    Its an ego thing, similarly I too had a red saab riding my tail for most of the drive from salt lake city to las vegas. Every time the saab disappeared, I assumed he'd gone, instead I'd see him whipping around the lanes and cutting off trucks/cars only to slow to my exact speed and cruise in front of me(until he inevitably got blocked in again, again ect). He nearly got me killed once or twice by not checking his mirrors and then thinking to turn into my lane. The fun part of the trip was every time I passed him on the way back, (stopping for food/rest) Id pass by slowly checking to make sure he hadnt crossed over his line with my hazard lights on.

    At a rest stop that we both stopped at I saw that he had a girlfriend in the car, so im guessing most of the "race" had to do with saving face. I also thought of this as a smokey and the bandit moment since we saw each other without knowing.

    Dont attempt to pass anybody with an ECHO, they will not like it, especially if they think its some sort of super-sport ECHO due to the rally vynls.">
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