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should I buy a 2004 Lincoln LS car with V6 and 113,000 miles

hyanghyang Member Posts: 4
should I buy a 2004 Lincoln LS car with V6 and 113,000 miles as my first car?
It looks good shaped and the owner said he just changed the coil and plug at 100k miles. asked for 5,500. I am just worried about the comon problems this car would have:
The ignition coil not work£¨COPs (coil on plug ignition)£©
Window regulators the passenger side automatic window unit not work
Transmission valve body (The transmission shifting hard or clunking)
Leaky valve cover gaskets (think this was a V8 issue mainly)
Front swaybar and ball joints

I will try to do a mechanic check before I decide to buy it or not. I am wondering the above possible problems could be easily figured out by a normal mechanic check.



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    toomanyfumestoomanyfumes Member Posts: 1,019
    If coils have been done, hopefully you're OK there. Valve covers issue mostly on older 1st gen. Same with sway bar. Tranny issues aren't too common. My '05 V6 has been good, needed one window regulator, 3Coils and the climate control valve (DCCV) not bad repairs, sounds like an OK deal for yours.
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    andreah07andreah07 Member Posts: 1
    I really love my LS....I really do. I have owned it for 6 years and have almost 113,000 miles on it. That's not to say that it hasn't had it's problems....

    The coils were a huge problem. One was misfiring which prevented me from accelerating normally. Long story short, I had to replace two coils separately (around $300 each trip). The mechanic told me that there really isn't any way of knowing how many coils you will need to replace--sometimes only a few a faulty. I ended up having ALL of mine replaced---over $2000 worth of work. I have had no problems since (this was about two years ago), but that REALLY sucked. I wouldn't purchase this car unless all of the coils have been replaced.

    That is the only major problem I've had with this car. It drives great and handles very well. Once I hit about 112,000 miles, things on the interior have started to fail on me (have replaced the window regulator--$600, my automatic locks went out literally yesterday, stereo will not read CDS as of last year, glove compartment latch gave out recently, and I just spent $1200 fixing the AC). I will take the blame for the glove compartment latch--I'm sure I slam it shut too often.

    The LS is a nice car, but I would just be very prepared to pay to replace a lot of the interior features if you choose to buy it. I haven't had a lot of luck!
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    hyanghyang Member Posts: 4
    edited April 2012
    I got this car for a month already. It runs great but I have problems now. The car idel randomly( few times maybe 4 to 5 times a month, I drove 2 to 3 miles every two days). The worst thing is the engine stop at the red signal light without any sign or signal on the car when I push the brake heavily . The engine just stop running quietly. Then I have to restart my engine with key. This happened twice in a month. So now I don't trust my car and worry about it will stop in the highway (crazy things). I have to drive to the lincoln dealer to dignose the problem for me. What could I say about my first car? I like the fancy body and driving feeling but I won't trust my car which I think is more important for a car. BTW, I checked the code from my own OBD2 reader and found no wrong code stored in the car.
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