Ding-Sound in 4WD Low on my 06 Tacoma

eallmaneallman Member Posts: 16
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Hello everyone,

I get a "dinging sound" like a warning when my truck is places in Four Wheel Dive Low. I do not hear the sound in 4 WD High. The sound will not stop and it makes things rather annoying when climbing up the huge hill leading out from my property. I check the Owner's Manual and it says nothing about a dinging sound; or at least I didn't find anything.

Please advise.
2006 Taco, Automatic, 127,000 miles
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  • bigandybigandy Member Posts: 70
    That means 4Low is not completely engaged. Go back and read the manual about how to do it.
  • domanaritadomanarita Member Posts: 1
    I am experiencing my 4 WD low light flashing consistently even when 4 WD is not engaged. I used to be able to turn my truck off and it would reset...Now it flashes all the time....Ugh! Any suggestions?
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