Mercury Sable Flickering Lights and Engine Dying

mrstaylor12504mrstaylor12504 Member Posts: 1
I am having issues with my 2001 Mercury Sable. My mechanic has checked it inside out and can't find the problem. The lights, inside and out, will flicker, the engine will "studder", there is a clicking/static sound that comes through the radio, and sometimes it will completely die. If I let off the gas it stops, but when I gas it again, it will just continue to do the same thing. It will also sometimes die at red lights with no warning. The problem seems to only happen if we start messing with something electrical...turn the radio up or down, roll the windo up or down....turn lights on or off.....It always starts right back up, but it is a real pain to deal with! If anyone else has had similar problems and have had the problem diagnosed and fixed, please let me know what it was so I can pass it on to my mechanic....thanks so much!


  • jake8680jake8680 Member Posts: 1
    your alttenator is going bad it is send out ac current into a dc system sometimes this hapens when the start to go bad take it to auto zone they willl check it for free and tell you that im rite :) ac current in a dc system does all kinds of wierd things to the electrical system.... when you rev it there probly enough revs per minute to make it work properly hope this helps but im proly a few days late and your a few dollars shorter since i wasnt able to help you sooner
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