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04 Sentra 1.8 S building pressure in gas tank.

when gas cap is removed it has a surge of pressure come from the filler tube. could this be the vent plugged? and where is the vent? the check engine light comes on when car is started and remains on while it is running,i am not sure if these 2 items are related though. i bought this car for my daughter 3 years ago and she 'gave' it back to me after she got an altima a few weeks back. the car has 171K on it and i just plan on driving back and forth to work in it mostly so i can let my silverado set(and save on fuel costs). has anybody had this happen or know what i need to start checking to solve this 'pressure' problem....thanks in advance!


  • waldrep48waldrep48 Posts: 1
    This same problem has just developed in my '05 Sentra SE-R Spec-V over the last month or so. I first noticed it by the gas pump clicking off after just putting in about 0.1 gallons and I have to stand there and keep pumping it to get it to fill up. Causing me to take about 30 minutes to just get 12.5 gallons of fuel. I am concerned that this might be a safety issue! Flammable liquids and high pressure usually don't mix very well!!!

    I also have no idea what the cause or any possible fix might be and would be grateful to and knowledge you have learned sense you first posted this or to anyone else that can help.

    Thank you,
  • i haven't recieved any info here about this but i did some more research on the net and i do remember that they recalled 05 and newer sentras that have this problem(not 04's and older though). You probably should contact your dealer and ask about the recall. i also found that it is possible that the fuel pressure regulator could cause this high presure in the tank. does yours take several tries(starts) to get it running after it is ran and up to temp? does it sart on the 1st try when it is not warmed up? this is what mine does along with the taking several minuites to get 10 or so gals. of fuel in the tank. i haven't had the chance to switch my regulator out yet to see if it makes a difference,i plan to soon though.
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