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Subaru BRZ

dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
Can't wait to take one of these out for a test drive. Probably won't be as wild as this though.

http://news.consumerreports.org/cars/2012/04/video---2013-subaru-brz-hangs-the-t- ail-out-at-our-test-track.html


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    drmjr001drmjr001 Member Posts: 1
    edited May 2012
    I know it will never happen, but I think this car would be truly badass with a turbo or supercharger! 200 HP is respectable...too bad they won't offer a higher output version!

    She's a beauty though and very tempted....hope she drives as good as she looks :)
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    ClairesClaires Member Posts: 1,222
    The Edmunds road testers called it "one of the most rewarding cars we've ever driven":

    "Subaru's BRZ lacks adjustable dampers, throttle and steering calibrations. It has no complex electronic means of torque delivery... despite this, it is one of the most rewarding cars we've ever driven... If this is all that's required to make a sports car with elegant control, engaging feedback and enlightening limits, we have only one question: Why isn't every manufacturer doing it?"

    2013 Subaru BRZ Road Test

    Review and Specs


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    wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    "..Why isn't every manufacturer doing it?..."

    Throw me another easy question...

    FWD vehicles are less expensive to build and as long as the buying public can be kept in the dark regarding their patently unsafe nature it will remain that way.
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    rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788

    Surprised? Not me.

    Wonder if it will hold true on a race track?

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    dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    The BRZ is not about drag racing. I would expect the S2000 to take that with 40 more hp.
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    rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    edited June 2012
    Short drive, about 4 blocks. That's all the dealer would allow.

    First impressions:

    • Power is okay, but won't blow you away. It's certainly not a match for my WRX.

    • Engine is much louder than my WRX, but I suspect that was by design, considering the intended audience.

    • Only one interior power outlet. So that means you can run your GPS or charge your cell phone, but not both. I believe the BRZ has an additional power outlet in the glove box (strange place!), plus navigation is standard in the BRZ.

    • Paddle shifters worked fine; shifts were sharp and precise, and not slow or jerky. I drove it entirely in the manual-shift mode.

    • Gear indicator is buried in the odometer cluster, making it a bit hard to find. May not be a problem once you get used to it?

    • No visor mirror light. The BRZ Limited has that feature; not sure about the base BRZ?

    • No center armrest. :(

    I think test rides will be hard to come by with either the BRZ or FR-S, as the cars will be so scarce. The dealer I was at (Toyota/Scion/Subaru) also had a BRZ Limited 6-speed, but it was in the showroom.

    My comments are obviously aimed at comfort and convenience, not performance. We know these cars will be fun to drive. What we don't know—and I suspect will likely not be reported on much—is the kinds of things I just mentioned; like what it's like to live with over the long haul.

    Edmunds is getting both a BRZ and an FR-S as long-term testers for a full year, so it should be interesting to note the differences between the two. As of now they don't have either car, but should be getting them soon, I would think.

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    sharkiemdsharkiemd Member Posts: 1
    I went to see both cars today here in TX, both amazing but only got to test drive FRS

    Subaru BRZ
    Premium: 29,400
    Limited: 31,500
    pros: better head lights, display touch navigation, fog lights, heated seats, push start, (better interior)
    cons: ugly front bumper, spoiler, leather seats are not really all leather, on back order till 2013

    Scion FR-S - OTD prices
    Manual ?
    Automatic: 28,300

    Driving experience: nice more than subtle start up growl - both engine & exhaust. Very low to sit in, the seats encapsulates you, nice small chunky steering, ride is smooth (I was worried I would feel every crack on the road), I took a right turn out of the dealership and floored it, no drift :( but traction was on, impressive acceleration but other cars clearly have faster acceleration (bmw 328), in automatic the car pushes the rpm as aggressive as your driving style and refused to shift gears to maximize the experience. Handling was crisp. At no point did I feel the car was dragging either in the front or the back (very balanced). Torque available to your foot immediately. I cruised driving with the foot off the pedal and loved it (typical toyota-esque). Steptronic responsive and worked smoothly. Paddle shifters the same but I preferred the gear knob (manual transmission feel). Again highway driving smooth, you felt one with the road but not to the point where you feel every road crack. Braking pedal was a little anterior (probable new brakes?) - smooth braking. I felt a little uncomfortable with the blind spots but who cares I was going faster than everyone else:)

    Pros: better front, suspension better to drift (according to salesman), no spoiler (want to add TRD spoiler)
    Cons: no navigation, standard head lights, no fog lights, blah interior, no heated seats, no leather option

    Obviously the car has its presence on the road but when justifying 2.0L 200hp for those prices I'm stumped at what to do.
    On one hand Its the engine I want = FRS but on the other hand if one is paying 28,300 shouldn't I just pay 31,500 for the additional accessories on the BRZ?

    Please advise
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    dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    Why so expensive. I thought it started around 25k. Are they putting on a dealer markup?
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    rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    edited June 2012
    Edmunds has a long-term FR-S in their fleet for a year. They are getting BRZ too, but don't have it yet. Why have both, you ask? The FR-S will get modded by Edmunds staff to see how much sporting potential is in this car. The long-term BRZ will remain stock.

    Here is a suspension walk around of the FR-S. The BRZ obviously is the same.

    http://blogs.insideline.com/roadtests/2012/06/2013-scion-fr-s-suspension-walkaro- - - - und.html#more

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    rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    http://www.insideline.com/subaru/brz/2013/2013-subaru-brz-limited-long-term-test- .html

    This one they'll keep stock, and their long-term FR-S will get modded.

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    rampart57rampart57 Member Posts: 2
    edited November 2012
    "On one hand Its the engine I want = FRS but on the other hand if one is paying 28,300 shouldn't I just pay 31,500 for the additional accessories on the BRZ? "

    KISS...Keep it simple, Sharkiemd...
    I own the 6-speed MT FR-S and have decided in the last 2 months of wonership that the fewer gadgets on this car the better. The FR-S/BRZ twins were designed to be driven with no distractions - just sit down, stare straight ahead and go. I really like that my car has no steering wheel buttons, very simple HVAC controls, sticky cloth seats and easy to glance at gauges; keeping it simple.

    Fog lights are not missed since you are only 15" above the pavement and the standard headlamps are very bright. Go for the Scion and remember the aftermarket for these cars is already bursting with goodies, so there will always be opportunities to add shiny bits later.
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