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Altima connection to iPod Touch

garyberggaryberg Member Posts: 3
I just picked up a new 2012 Altima 2.5SL without the Bose audio, and I want to play my iPod touch through the stereo (specifically, I listen to podcasts using Downcast).

It appears that you need to have the Bose stereo to have a USB connection?

I had expected my FM transmitter would work, but it doesn't sound very loud and is staticy. It worked pretty well on my Chrysler 300M, but even extending the cord to full length leaves me with a weak signal. I was using Fm 87.7 for the frequency.

I had a 3.5mm headphone cord (male to male) I tried using, but it appears to be a little iffy as far as connecting. Tends to make/break a lot, and thus is crackley.

So I'm looking for suggestions on how to do this. I've no problem buying a different transmitter if that's my best suggestion, or replacing the headphone cord. Best is something I don't need to change the output volume on the iPod, of course. Maybe something that converts the Apple dock connector to a line-out?




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    garyberggaryberg Member Posts: 3
    I just tried pairing my Samsung Reknown to my new 2012 Altima. Once it was paired the phone started rebooting continuously. It stopped doing this once I turned the car off, and it started rebooting again when the car phone system came live.

    I finally told the car to delete the pair and it stopped. I told the phone to kill the pairing too.

    I think it happens when the car tries to query the phone's address book.

    Any thoughts on how to get around this? Even if I can't download the phone's address book if I can just receive and make calls would be better.

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    scottie5scottie5 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2011 Altima 3.5 SR withOUT the Bose system. I think the readios are the same. On mine there is a small "female" plug on the lower right corner of the face plate. You can get a female-to-female connector for less that $20 - try radio shack - and plug 1 end into the radio and the other into the Headphone jack on the i-pod. Set the readio to AUX and make sure that the i-pod volume is most of the way up and you should get digital quality sound through the car's system. Volume controls on both the car and the i-pod will work, and everything else will be controlled from the i-pod. :)
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    garyberggaryberg Member Posts: 3
    Basically, that is what I did. I got a "line out dock" for my iPod, as that meant I dont have to fiddle with the volume control. Which keeps me from deafening myself when I go back to headphones.

    I bought a Fiio 20 inch cable on Amazon. I am able to lay the iPod in the area below the radio. It doesn't charge the iPod, but it works pretty well.
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