harsh ride on 2007 Accord EX

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OESpectrum struts by Monroe

Has anyone installed the new OESpectrum struts by Monroe on a 2007 Accord EX, 4-door, 4-cylinder car? (or 2005, or 2006 ?) Monroe says that these struts are specially designed for foreign cars with harsh suspensions. I just bought this car used and, after two weeks, I've decided that the ride is foolishly harsh. I get a headache after ten minutes of driving. By thirty minutes I have a stomache ache, too. No kidding. My 21-year-old son, who's got a weightlifter's iron tough body, feels the same way. He gets the same headache. Every tiny bump is telegraphed harshly right into the driver. Please don't tell me to get a Buick. I've had other Hondas. I have now a 2008 Civic EX and the ride is not so unforgivingly harsh and sharp. I need to smooth out the ride a bit, to get rid of some of the harshness, or I will have to get rid of the car. I appreciate any advice. Thanks.

Tom Klingler
Stow, Ohio


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    You might want to consider different tires. Goodyear makes an Assurance Comfortred brand tire designed to give a softer/smoother ride. I recommended the tires to a relative that had a harsh riding SUV, and the switch for them made a big improvement.

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    Thanks. I'm definitely planning on the Comfortreds. I have them on my 2008 Civic EX and like them. They were great last winter on the snow. And they are comfortable in general. Contrary to some comments, I think they keep the Civic quick and fun to drive. I've been advised to wait on the tires, though, on my Accord problem. The suspension is way too harsh, sharp, and flinty to place all the blame on the tires. I've got to do some suspension "tuning," first ... that is, change something about the struts and/or springs. Thanks, again.
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    Something just sounds wrong here. In my 14 years of selling, driving and being around Accords I've nevr heard of such a thing.

    Yes, all Honda have a firm, taut ride and that is part of what gives them the excellent handling they have. They do not have a soft, floaty ride like a Buick or a Camry. Some people don't like this.

    It almost sounds like your tires are over inflated.

    Throwing expensive parts at this car may actually make things worse. A lot of the replacement struts are even stiffer than the originals. Hondas almost never need new struts although a lot of the chain stores love selling these.

    Tires will help to an extent but not that much.

    I get this feeling that if I were to drive your Accord that I would deem it "normal" but maybe not.

    This is WAY beyond anything I have ever heard.
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    Wish you could drive it! Are you anywhere near Northeast Ohio?! I have an appointment with my regular Honda dealer later this week. I've been going to this dealer for 12 years and I trust them. I'm anxious to hear what their top suspension guy finds. Frankly, I hope they find something easy like stiff, dry rear struts! If they do, what should I put on?

    From what I've read online, it appears I've bought about the most harsh suspension Honda has ever put together. I've read that the 2006 and 2007 models were very harsh; that the I4 is stiffer than the V6; and that the EX is stiffer than the other models. So, I bungled into the stiffest combo possible -- the 2007, I4, EX !

    Tire pressure is precisely at factory specs. (I even use a digital gauge.) Tires are a small local brand called "Cooper." They are: Cooper GS4 Touring in a P205/60 R16 92T.

    Given the "T" speed rating, I figure these tires are comparatively soft. The car calls for a "V" rated tire! Could this be one of those opposite-of-what-you-think problems? That is, could the too-low speed rating of the tires somehow be causing the stiff ride? Rather than what I'd assume should be a too-soft sidewall ride?

    Last fall when I was shopping for tires for my Civic, none of the Honda dealers or reputable tire shops around here would sell me a tire that was even ONE notch lower in speed rating for my Civic than factory specs. These Coopers are TWO notches lower than spec. These are "T" and the car calls for "V".

    When I was younger, you'd "test" a shock by pressing down on the trunk of your old Pontiac V8 and watch the car travel a full cycle (down, up, and back down) of the shock travel. If the car came back to rest at level after one full cycle, you figured your shocks were okay. Of course, I do NOT want or expect the Accord's rear end to have this kind of travel! But, should there be ANY travel in the rear suspension?! I cannot get the rear end of the Accord to dip even a fraction of an inch when I press down on the trunk/rear fender area with all my weight and strength. I am moderately strong and weigh 200 pounds. I actually cannot make the thing budge. That's how stiff is the suspension. I'd like reactions to this situation. (I image a couple hundred folks going out in their garages right now and pressing down on the rear ends of their Accords! A national Accord butt-dipping event! ;-)

    In any case, I will post results of the dealer's evaluation soon. If they say there's nothing wrong and nothing to do, I will very shortly have for sale a very nice, dark grey, 4 door, I4, 2007 Accord EX !
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    I'm in the Seattle area so I can't drive your car!

    They way you describe things, it's almost like you have a stuck strut somewhere. This is highly unusual but I guess it can happen on any car.

    You should be able to get the rear end to budge a bit when you shove it down. The "old way" of testing shocks really doesn't work on modern cars.

    My first thought was that you were being overally sensitive and this could be the case but based on what you have written, it sounds like "something" may be amiss. Have the Service Manager drive your car and see what he things.
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    I have just recently purchased a used 2007 Honda Accord EX 4-cylinder, and I am also experiencing these same exact issues!!
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