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  • ernieontarioernieontario Member Posts: 1
    Hey Paul,

    Im in Hamilton and just bought a 2006 Santa Fe.
    I bought it at Mountain Hyundai here in the HAmmer and paid, taxes included 31,000 and change.Thats Auto/Air/Etc.
    Ive only had it for a couple of weeks but i love it.

    Hope ive been of some help.

    Ernie :)
  • auspinoauspino Member Posts: 3
    I was told to use synthetic oil but maybe someone with more experience with a Santa fe can answer your question. I just bought my 05 Santa fe 4 days ago. ;)
  • jpanozzo1jpanozzo1 Member Posts: 50
    Depends on your mileage and pocketbook. Synthetic is better but costs more. If you are still in the warranty period, you have to assure that oil changes are done according to the maintenance schedule. If you can afford the synthetic with regular interval changes, use it.

    If you are not in the warranty period, you likely have high mileage. Use the synthetic ASAP; if you can sqeeze an extra few thousands miles out of the synthetic, you don't have to worry abour the warranty.

    Joe in Texarkana
  • 69dartgts69dartgts Member Posts: 5
    I love my Santa FE, best car/suv that i have owned so far. It's 01,gls awd model with 123,000 miles and counting. Gonna try and keep this as long as i can. Since i've out driven the warranty, i've been doing all my own maintance. So far it's been simple to work on, reg. 3,000 m oil changes, had dealer do timeing belt, plugs and wires, i've done complete brake job recent, which was nice, see how simple the setup is. This thing great in the winter, live in an area that gets good mounts of snow and lots of hills. never been stuck yet ! Starts right up on ever turn of the key. Replaced battery once so far and on second set of tires. Most of my driving is highway, 40m round trip to and from work with some short trips around town. If i can keep foot off the go pedal, which is hard to do going to work but comeing home using cruise control, get about 21mpg . They should have had a lower overdive gear or at least a five gear in the tranny to get the rpm's down some more. Any one have any problems with the sport manual shift mode ? The only time it gives me trouble, is when the weather turns cold. It dosen't like to shift up gear. works fine all summer . The center armrest is too low to be that comfortable.
  • bambewbambew Member Posts: 43
    Hey there...

    My name is John Bell living in Brampton, Ontario. This past July, I purchased an '07 SF 3.3L AWD from Attrell Hyundai in north Brampton. What an awesome car buying experience. Hyundai really knows how to treat their customers. My wife and I also received his and hers Hyundai wrist watches when we took delivery on the SF. What a nice touch!

    Have had the SF for almost 3 months now and both the wife and I love it. What a pleasure to drive!

  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    Wrist watch eh....Well we don't get wrist watches in the states and I had yo go back 3 times to finally do the deal was only when i said, "nice meeting ya" that it got done.....Had my AWD SE since last Feb and just a few minor far...great car/CUV. The way the weather is getting colder in the west (dusting of snow yesterday), May get to use the AWD this year. I hear the AWD system is very good but I want to see how it compares to the Honda Element I traded for it!

    Good luck with it!
  • commandogirlcommandogirl Member Posts: 1
    I have recently moved to Brampton and need to get a typical warranty service on my car. I don't like taking it to the dealership because their shop rate is too high - does any one know of or can recommend a shop in Brampton that knows how to do proper warranty service on a Hynudai besides the dealership? I'm not talking about repair, just the regular service intervals.
  • khadykhady Member Posts: 1
    i have just bought santa fe automatic 2 litre crdtdi on 55 plate just want to say i love it nice to drive but just one thing little slow and gets noisy changing gears otherwise nice motor
    sughrankhadim :mad:
  • 2010_santa2010_santa Member Posts: 1
    Bought 4cyl 2010 StFe from Clarington Hyundai (east of Toronto). I am amazed at how quiet this vehicle is - at 110km/h (70m/ph) engine sound is absent! it's simply not there, just the tires rolling and light swoosh of air around cabin. To be exact, my StFe is 2.4L 4cyl FWD with 6 speed auto - quieter than my 08 Honda Odyssey and that my friends is impressive!
  • cmegalodoncmegalodon Member Posts: 3

    I bought a 2014 Santa Fe Sport 2.0T AWD. Lots of quality problems and the factory refuses to help. It turns out the Chairman of Hyundai had to ask the head of Quality to resign because of poor quality control for new cars.

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