Wipers will not stop - 2003 Jetta

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Hi all -

The wipers on my 2003 Jetta Wagon will not stop. All positions appear to work OK except "off". In the "off" position the wipers move at normal speed. In the "intermittent" position I do notice that the wipers do not stop at the bottom, but will stop 3-4" up - and begin the next cycle from there.

I've changed out the wiper stalk assembly, but that hasn't helped.

Any ideas?


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    If it were my Jetta, I would remove the wiper-motor assembly and inspect it for proper operation. Whilst I have it apart, I would lube the wiper-shafts where they pass thru.... over time, the factory lube drys out and the wiper motor has to work extra hard just to move the wipers.
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    I'll try some WD-40 in wiper stalks as per rec. on the 2003 Jetta response by bpeebles. Hopefully that does the ticket with having my wipers work. They stopped operating in my 2002 Jetta. Turn the key and motor sounds like it is and the wipers want to rotate, but they don't lift. Replacing the wiper motor, (hopefully just one for the pair of wipers) isn't in a great location. if is hidden under the wipers and requires that the wiper housing/plastic grating has to be removed and of course the 2 wiper stalks. $68 part from Advanced auto and hopefully <2 hrs labor.
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    Beware -- "WD40" is a Water Displacer (formula # 40 after 39 failed attempts) and has very little lubricating qualities. (it evaporates to leave behind a waterproof film)

    Also, the wiper stalks are DESIGNED to keep out water... it is unlikely that you will be able to encourage any kind of lubrication inside where it will do any good. It is relativly trivial to remove the nuts, pop the pivots out, clean them properly and GREASE them with appropriate waterproof lubricant. Hence, you will never EVER need to do that task again. (I have done it on at least 4 VWs... on every one the original lube had dried out and I never had to do it again.)
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    The wiper linkage need replacement. One side was seized up. I could not see any place to shoot any lubricant in any of wiper "stalks". Buy a new a wiper linkage at a VW dealer for ~$100. The wiper motor was okay. If you need to replace the motor also, you can get an aftermarket unit at Adance Auto for ~$70 or pay VW for that. 3 screws hold the whole assembly, 2 are easy to get to, while one requires unique rachets. One could do it themselves in an hour or less with parts, dealer would probably charge 1.5 hrs. Anyways, a relatively low $ fix.
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    You do not "shoot" lubricant into the wiper-stalks. They have rubber seals to keep out water and the seals will also keep out your oil "shooting".

    1) Remove the nut at the top of the wiper stalk
    2) The wiper arm pulls right off (MARK ITS CLOCK POSITION FIRST)
    3) Place nut back on the threads (To protect the threads)
    4) Hold chunk of wood on it (to further protect threads)
    5) gently hammer on wood to push the stalk down and out of the bushing.

    Once you get this far you are ready to clean and lube it. Use waterproof GREASE...no light oil here.

    I recommend you do this to the side that still moves 1st... so you get a feel how it works BEFORE you attempt to free-up the stuck one.

    I hope it is obvious that you need to open the hood and pull off the plastic cover to access the stalk after you push it thru.
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