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REAL world 2012 Outback mpg experiences

ksayersksayers Member Posts: 59
Any comments on your 2012 Outback gas mileage, real world. I am looking at the 6 cylinder but both 4 and 6 cylinder responses and insights appreciated.


  • occkingoccking Member Posts: 346
    I ran a 2011 Limited 4 cylinder bought new Oct 1, just gave it to my son a few weeks ago. Had 43k. Quite a bit of highway driving, averaging approx 28 mpg, a few times over 29. Down a mile or so during the winter, probably due to different fuel. I found the 4 cylinder more than adequate for my purposes. The trip computer is always a little more optomistic, shows about 1.5 mpg more than actual.

    However, company I work for just gave me an Audi Q5 and that vehicle like a jet compared to the Outback! Only have 2500 miles on it so far, averaging about 24 mpg.

    If the acceleration is importnat to you, perhaps you should go for the 6, but that comes with just a five speed transmission. The Outback has 6 speeds with a CVT Transmission. However, in that gear on the highway if you keep it manually in 6, it will have no guts at all, and on a long incline it will lose some momentum.
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