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Subaru Outback AWD vs Toyota Venza AWD

cincinnati_dancincinnati_dan Member Posts: 12
edited June 2014 in Subaru
I haven't seen a discussion on this. I have looked at both, and have decided the Outback seems to be more of an SUV, while the Toyota Venza seems more like a station wagon. I'm not really going to do off-roading, so I don't know if I need an SUV. Any thoughts on how the Toyota AWD compares to the Outback's AWD? I like the Outback better, but don't like hearing of transmission and head gasget problems. I have had a lot of Toyotas, and have found them to be reliable.


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    ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    We own one car from each brand, but for AWD it would be Subaru all the way, no question about it.

    I looked at the AWD Sienna briefly, but on that model it mandates run-flat tires and that was a deal killer. What I've read about Toyota's AWD didn't sway me enough to overcome that fear, so I just got a FWD model.

    In foul weather I take our Subaru. Toyota's VSC system is not well tuned for snow at all. Our van struggles to make it up our driveway, while the Forester sits there mocking me, almost as if it were laughing. :D
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    ksayersksayers Member Posts: 59
    The Outback's AWD is, IMHO, better. The Venza looks great but is, as noted, more like a station wagon. Oh, check out the Venza wheels. Try pricing 19 or 20" replacements. $1300+ for new tires is... ah... not chump change. Toyota quality is, however, typically excellent along with fit/finish.
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