Driveshaft removed and replaced?

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I am considering the purchase of a 2008 Mercury Milan AWD with 43000 miles. The carfax reports that the Driveshaft was removed and replaced at 24000 miles by the dealer. No report of accident at that time though. Should I be concerned?


  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    No reason to be concerned. I believe there was a problem with some driveshafts being out of balance and causing a vibration.
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    That F/awd system is of the "pre-emptive" type, automatically engages whenever there is a potential for loss of directional control due to a too high engine torque load otherwise on ONLY the front drive wheels.

    That means it "locks in", partially to full, the rear driveline regardless of roadbed conditions, HIGHLY tractive to ICE. Engaging both drivelines on even a moderately tractive surface can, DOES, result in premature driveline components due to the undue stress/HEAT.

    Vehicles south of the snowline and/or with leadfoot, "boy-racer" owners, would undoubtedly be more prone to failing prematurely.
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    Another red herring. There is no evidence of premature failure of AWD components other than the bad PTU seals which have since been fixed. I can't believe you're still spreading untruths.
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    Car Faxes are interesting to look at but they have a tendency to scare people away from some great cars. They also sometimes fail to report things like severe accidents that they somehow miss.

    Replacing a driveshaft is NOTHING. I wouldn't worry about that one bit!
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