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Space saver spare for 2012 Malibu

groza1groza1 Posts: 1
What are the options for sourcing a donut spare tire for a 2012 Malibu? The dealer quoted $90 for the wheel and another $190 for the tire! Has anyone found a junkyard in South Florida (West Palm Beach area) that has sells them? Will any standard 4.75" - 5 hole GM space saver spare work?



  • What I'd do is visit a junkyard and ask one of the owners or if you know any of the mechanics or parts guys at your local Chevy dealership you could ask them. Obviously the price quoted you is ridiculous. I'd look for an 08-12 Malibu in a junkyard. Donut tires probably aren't in high demand by junkyard shoppers but I agree with you that they are necessary. Luckily my car had one as standard equipment with the red tintcoat package.
  • A Donut Spare from a Malibu 2006 to 2012 will fit, make sure wheel is 16 x 4 with 18 holes. Car has 17 in wheels and tires but spare calls for the 16 inch, strange. I found one on ebay from an Auto Recycler for $30.00 plus $25.00 Shipping. Most places wanted $100.00. Should be in good condition as how often is the spare used if ever.
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