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2010 Grand Caravan

rorytaterorytate Member Posts: 21
edited May 2012 in Chrysler
My GC is barely at 30k...This morning I was driving in to work and then a charity even after work. I heard this horrendous noise coming from the rear wheel. I tapped the brakes the noise stopped and then started again. I was just doing 100km on the high way. I got off the highway. Pulled over and then turned around...was doing 50-60km/hr and it was fine got back on the highway and it started again around 100km...

I take it in and they say I need to replace the rotors and the brakes...they said it's because the grease dries up and the brakes are finicky....the dealer agreed they shouldn't need changing (Ok so you're agreeing with me)...

30k!? Come on my Other 2002 grand caravan has 220k on it and I've replaced the rear brakes once...my 2000 cavalier has 240k on it and i've done those brakes once...and they're both still fine....

We had the front brake recall replacement done not too long ago - this seems to be a common issue? :cry:

Has anyone else had this issue?


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    bonipiebonipie Member Posts: 3
    Hi, All,
    New here and hope you can help me. We have a low mileage and much loved 2010 GC Crew, 2 adult owners. Today, we had the rear door open by itself and the passenger side door opened by itsself twice. We were nearby and could see Caravan for 2 of the openings, and were inside eating lunch when the side door opened, revealing all our hobby stuff to the world while we were inside. Lucky no one wanted our stuff more than we did.

    We need any info you might have on fixing this. It reminds me of when we had broken wires in a wire loom in our Jeep and caused lots of odd stuff to happen. Thanks for any information anyone might have. Thanks Boni
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    bonipiebonipie Member Posts: 3
    2010 Grand Caravan-sometimes when we start our GC, the key seems to stick in the 'Start' position. It sounds like a soft machine gun. It'll just pop back after a couple of the starting noises, or I'll have to move it back to the run position and it'll stop the starting noise. Any ideas? Boni
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    bonipiebonipie Member Posts: 3
    Problem solved...We find that everytime a door opens by itself, hubby or I have a key in our pocket or purse. Hummmmmm? Boni
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