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Volvo S80

lsteiner1lsteiner1 Posts: 1
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I have a 2000 S80 T6 which has front end noises which cannot be repaired. The car has been in 7 times for strange clunking and banging noises in the undercarriage with no success in eliminating those noises. I am interested if anyone else has experienced this and what the solution was, short of selling the car!


  • twindytwindy Posts: 18
    My 2000 2.9 made a clunking sound when backing up on a slight incline. They completed the o-ring/bushing fix. So far so good. From what I understand they are on the fourth or fifth generation fix. Try a different dealership if you can. It sounds like you may have that problem.
  • My 2000 S80 T6 is in Plantation Volvo today for the 3rd or 4th time for what appears to be the final of 3 different *clunks*. I took it to Deel Volvo the very first time, and they stated *ALL* this noise was *normal*, and they *ALL* do it. Needless to say, they did nothing. It took 18 months to get this far, and a year to get the first two clunks fixed. 18,400 miles on the clock today. Those first two noises were the mount o-rings and the tie-rod recall. The third clunk is in the right front suspension or undercarrigae somewhere, and I have no clue where. It is only felt on pavement strips or ripples, particularily under light acceleration, but not always. It *IS* in the right front suspension somewhere, but not in the steering rack itself. Not a safety thing, but definitely annoying. To be honest, we really like the car, it's our 4th Volvo in 15 years, but if this doesn't get fixed this time, we are moving on. I don't have the time for 120 mile trips to the dealer anymore. Plantation Volvo has been very friendly, easy to get along with, great loaner program, but I want the car fixed. Period.

    Jim Haas
  • What kinds of prices are people being charged for 30,000 mile service on an S80? I've got to bring my '99 T6 in next week for some warranty work (now there's a surprise, huh! This car has needed more warranty work in 2 years than any other car I have ever owned) and since its getting close to 30,000 miles I thought I'd have that service done, but dealer is quoting approx. $450. Seems high to me. THoughts?
  • I just had my 30K service done. $511. So far, they have replaced my radio, battery, navigation system, two headlights, and after it fell off the day before I got my recall letter, my right front wheel. (I have a 2000 T6)
  • I have a 2000 S80 with less than 6k miles. My complaint is cold air entering near the accelerator. On really cold days, I have to move my foot off the accelerator before it freezes. I'm told the problem can't be duplicated. I've only made one trip for this problem. Are there like experiences out there? What was the solution.
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