link to download Chrysler Service Technician Manuals

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When I first viewed the manuals I noticed that they appear garbled and not as they should appear in PDF Adobe Reader. They might possibly download to your computer and be fine , but if they are not , I can provide original CD copies to send out via snailmail or email in limited quantities. The entire 10,000+ page manuals will upload to my email in under 400mb. Given my email can provide 2gb of attachment space , it can be done that way , perhaps in the proper order to view and be clickable throughout. Very extensive manuals , and not cheaply garbled as they may appear. These manuals cover 1999 to 2004 : 300M / Concorde & Intrepid etc.


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    Awesome! Thank you.
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    Quick question, you note that these manuals cover '99 to '04. I have a '99 300M and I don't seem to see that year's manual in your dropbox. Any idea if you have that to add?
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    This is part and parcel of the problem having uploaded the manuals to a free service like dropbox. Dropbox is not converting them into full PDF format , they are just being converted to be readable. The way I viewed them right after uploading , I saw lots of wavy print and basically nowhere near the originals in any way.

    With the original disk , or a copy , you simply insert the disk and use Adobe Reader to open each PDF section (the list of PDF's). Each PDF section could contain as much as 5000 pages , which the dropbox upload is not showing. In Adobe Reader you can see each section's page count , IE : brakes - 1699pages. Each year / model has it's own index which is clickable to open the given groups. At the left side of Adobe , the groups appear and each one of them breaks open just as your computer operating system does. Tons of information. This is exactly how I discovered that the 1999 300M was also included , although there is no mention or PDF listing for the 1999's. In Adobe Reader , you can use the search box to find anything with the 2000 year index open , you type in "1999" in the search box , and find yourself reading 1999 information. I am sure because I have done it. This is why it is important that the entire manuals are available , not just a list of information.

    If you went to the link in dropbox , and downloaded some or all of the PDF listings into a folder , you should be able to open the files with Adobe Reader. If they don't open properly or appear properly , then I could send you a copy via email or snailmail. For sure then , you would have the real makoy. (free) The PDF list of manuals was uploaded using Win 7/64 bit , but dropbox claims that they can be accessed by any operating system. Locating 1999 information may require you to use whatever tools are available in your menu , depending on which Adobe Reader version you are using. I use Adobe Reader 9 (not sure of the update , but mine is right up to date).
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    I opened the files in dropbox and had no trouble viewing the pdf's. Thank you this is a godsend.

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    Thank you for the link to the Service Manual. I have a 1999 300M. Could you kindly send me a CD of the full Service Manual by snailmail? How can you contact me directly so that I can provide you with my mailing address ?
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