Azera smog results after many miles

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Not a question but input for those curious of the high mileage SMOG tests.
Didn't see any other smog discussions so I'll gin up a new/nother one.

We bought the 2006 Azera new off the showroom floor and have 127350 miles on it at time of this test.
We haven't yet changed the spark plugs or adjusted the valves. I change oil every 8,000 miles with Pennzoil, Quaker, Castrol or Mobil 1. Using whichever oil I can get for a better price. I only use the Wix oil filter, I think its the 57601.
Also the wife uses the cheapest gas she can find. From time to time I'll fill it with the mid grade (twice a year or thereabouts).
Kumho ECSTA tires provide a great and quiet ride.

This is the first year California has required we get a smog test on the Azera for registration.
Test was done on the roller type machine at 15 mph and 25 mph.

The Max HC (PPM) is 49, Azera measured 3 @ both speeds.

CO(%) max is .47, Azera measured .03 @15mph and .00 @ 25mph.

The NO(PPM) max allowed is 409 @15mph and 696 @25mph, Azera measured 0 at both speeds.

@1663 rpm %CO2 measured 14.8 and 02% is 0.1
@1149 rpm %CO2 measured 14.9 and 02% is 0.0

Passed with flying colors.

Wife drives this car daily including several cross country trips.

When this car finally gives up the ghost we plan to get another Azera or maybe the Genesis. Right now it looks like the car will outlast both of us.

If you are on the fence about the Azera, get one, buy now.
I highly recommend it.



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    Thanks very much for the info - might get the people off the fence who are contemplating the $300-400 spark plug change: doesn't look like it's necessary - at least up to the miles you have cited.
    In your oil choices you listed Mobil1. Were the other oils used also full synthetics? How often did you change the engine air filter?
    Again, thank you for the very useful info.
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    Extraordinary results! My area of Gulf-coast Florida has no emissions testing but it's good to know that the Azera is capable of such findings. I probably will replace the plugs at the recommended interval (it'll be a while as I have only 62k miles on my 2006) because I've read that (generically) plugs left in place for too long in aluminum heads can "freeze" and require expensive repairs...
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    You're welcome cobra,

    Yes I've always used full synthetic oils, just went with the best buy at the time. I know to some its blasphemy, but an engine ought not be that fragile to be affected by a brand name.

    I had planned to change the air filter prior to the test. The wife had about an hour before work so she ran it in to git er done. This air filter has approx 18 months on it in the San Joaquin Valley. Read that as farmland, often dusty conditions.
    Since I did not get to swap out filter, running old plugs, cheap gas and stretching the oil changes to 8,000 miles I was surprised by the results.

    I changed the air filter twice that I can remember and the dealer changed it once. So it looks like 3 to 4 times the air filter has been changed.
    They also changed the cabin air filter on one of those FREE deals advertised.
    Speaking of dealerships.
    We are quite pleased with the maintenance guys at Gropetti in Visalia. They flushed or purged or changed the transmission fluid somewhere around the 100,000 mile mark. I was a bit leery about doing that but so far no change in performance.
    Also swapped out the battery after wife left radio on after washing car.

    Both the long plastic panels under the car were replaced under warranty when it dropped down.
    Sunshade quit working but we have tinted windows and seldom used it.

    The spark plugs have me concerned though, I don't want them seized up in the head.
    I'm a DIY type so I'll have to research the howto's.

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    Hi gamleged,
    Yes since you've mentioned that I'm a bit concerned.
    I've heard plugs getting seized in aluminum heads but have not yet ran into the problem.
    I'm hoping with the dry conditions we have here in the valley the process may be delayed.

    Maybe I'll pull the front 3 and see what they feel like coming out.
    The mileage does not seem to be affected at all.

    I'll post my findings, unusual or otherwise.

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