2003 Protege A/C problem

gerardtdgerardtd Member Posts: 3
I recently painted the a/c lines in the hood as its rusted. After 3 days the a/c won't work at fan 1-3 but switch is lighted on. But when at fan No. 4, fan would work but no cool air and switch is not lit on. Please help.


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  • gerardtdgerardtd Member Posts: 3
    Just got the solution to it. As the problem was similar with my Chevy Venture van, I opened the blower resistor and checked continuity. I found there is no continuity in two terminals and decided to put on small thin strand of wire and solder it. And it worked. For a while I though i would buy those blower resistor which are inexpensive for those who have something to spend.
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