Upcoming Pickup Trucks (real or concept)

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...to discuss upcoming pickup trucks. Thanks for your participation. ;-)

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    Anyone know when this will be available? I saw a message somewhere someone had seen one undercover. I will wait as present back seat is too small.
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    as a Tundra.
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    ..I thought a T100 was a Tundra?

    ..or was it a Tacoma?

    ...all the same size anyway.....we they ever have a full size?

    - Tim
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    THE TUNDRA IS A 1/2 TON!!!!!!!. you think your chevy,ford or dodge is so tough and reliable. I had a 94 Dodge 4x4 v-8(318) and that thing was on jacks on more than it was on the road. we blew differnals out of it. the thing leaked as fast as you could put oil in it. the quality of the truck was junk. my buddie has a 96 1/2 ton Chevy 4x4(regular cab) very pretty truck but in 6 months(i'm not kidding when i say this) he had to take it to the dealer 6 times to have injectors cleaned. and the dealer said oh yeah 96's do this all the time. the dealer didn't offer to pay for it or anything. Fords universals are weak. i had a buddie with a 1/2 ton ford and he'd have to change every universal in the truck once a year!!!
    to tell you how good toyotas are:
    my buddie has a 93 or 94 t100 4x4 (and he doesn't baby it)5 speed
    with 150,000 on it all he's done is changed oil,tires, timing chain(that's standard at 100 K)
    it's on orginal clutch.
    personally i think the Big 3 days putting out 1/2 ton junk trucks are coming to a end cause with Toyota in the hunt and Nissan i herd suppose to join up in 2003(i think). probably eventally other will get in there like Honda,Mazda,and Nissan. If the big 3 don't get the quality up soon the japanese car makers will either take over or run em over.

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    Read about it here. What do you think?

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  • pocahontaspocahontas Member Posts: 802

    It's the 2002 Cadillac Escalade EXT Is this Cadillac's answer to the Lincoln Blackwood?



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    So what's the story...are they going to make this truck or not? Does anybody have any info on this? Toyota did it on the Tacoma....will the Tundra follow? I know that I would seriously consider it....four full size doors and a real backseat would make me think about trade in. I would give up a 1' or so of bed space for the added interior room.
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    Anyone know when Ford is going to change the current body style? Not that I don't like it, just trying to figure out when the next version is coming!

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    Tundra crew cab: It seems to be the current trend. Avalanche, Super Crew, Dodge's 2002 Quad Cab, as well as all those compacts Tundra will be next, you can bet money on it.

    Alpha T: Ugly as sin. I dont believe in fullsize truck V-8s any smaller that five liters (this one has a 4.5L twin-cam), except the GM 4.8L. Four-cam 32-valve engines are for race cars, not working pickups. Pushrods all the way! Top end power is useless for towing and 4wheeling. Says it has 300 horsepower, but how much torque? Can't be more than 320 lb-ft. What can it tow? It looks WAY too much like the MAXXcab and Terradyne.

    Escalade EXT: Doesent fit the Cadillac image. Taking an Avalanche (i like it) and sticking on Caddy badges and trim ain't gonna work. Bad idea.

    New F-150: 2004 Model year is slated for the next revamping of the F-series. I hope they bring back the non-Superduty F-250. Meantime, they get a minor facelift next year.
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    Has anyone heard anything about the upcoming generation of S-10's. I am want to know what they are gonna look like so I can decide to buy then or now.
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    go to editorial-future telling part of edmunds, the S-10's are going to look kinda like the trailblazer, and Chevy is suppose to be coming out with a dakota sized truck in 2003 or 2004.
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