Honda 2012 - Is this normal?

irisg1irisg1 Member Posts: 17
I just purchased my first Honda Accord and am a little concerned about the way the transmission sounds. Especially in the 1st and 2nd gear. It is an automatic, but It seems to rev pretty loud. Since I've never owned a Honda, I don't know if this is normal or not. I would appreciate any opinions Honda owners could offer. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. Thanks in advance.


  • marie99marie99 Member Posts: 21
    I also have a 2012 Accord LX. This is my third Accord and I think that the transmission has improved with every generation. Yes, you feel and hear the shifting especially in 1st and 2nd gears. I think this is very typical for Honda, but it is smoother and quieter than my last Accord. It may not be the smoothest transmission, but my Accords have gone over 200,000 miles without transmission problems. I find that you have to be sensitive with the gas pedal and gradually give it gas as you start from a stop. If you just step on it hard, the trans. feels and sounds awful.
  • irisg1irisg1 Member Posts: 17
    Thank you soo much for replying. I feel better now. I just didn't have anything to compare with, as I've mostly owned Toyota's and Nissan's. The Honda is a different ride, but It's starting to grow on me:)
  • marie99marie99 Member Posts: 21
    Yes, it is a different ride. I really like how the Accords handles, not mushy like some other sedans. The steering is very responsive and tight and the visibility is great. I think the Accord is a very solid car and hope you enjoy it.
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    Hello Everybody,
    I just bought the 2012 Honda accord coup 2.4l auto.EX.My question is can i use the D3 gear to slow down the car and come to a full stop instead of using the break?I seem to be using my brakes a lot to slow down and come to a full stop.Your input is highly appreciated.
  • hondamaniac1hondamaniac1 Member Posts: 1
    Doing so not only wouldn't work, but would be extremely unsafe. While compression stopping (downshifting and using the resulting "engine braking" to slow down) is possible with manual transmissions (and, to a lesser extent, with automatics), it can not slow a car to a complete stop. You need to use your brakes. The purposes of "D3" are simply to lock out the overdrive gears to keep the engine in its powerband when climbing hills and to keep vehicle speed consistent on downhills. That said, because Honda automatic transmissions have Grade Logic Control, which holds lower gears when an incline is sensed, using D3 is generally unnecessary in all but extreme situations.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    I used D3 on a daily basis when on my highway commute (not interstate). When a light changes ahead and you're going 50 mph, D3 never hurt anything, it just aided in stopping. I used the brakes too of course.

    I put 235k miles on my Accord and it was still going strong until an 18-wheeler clobbered me. Never a transmission hiccup over 15 years.

    Use D3, but do so intelligently. If you're revving your engine to over 3k RPM when you downshift it, you're likely putting more wear on your tranny than your brakes.
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