Subaru Matching Tread Depth

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Hi. I am sure this has been mentioned on numerous occasions but I need some clarity on this topic of matching tires and tread depth for an '09 Impreza. We just replaced 4 tires about 20K miles ago and found out yesterday that one of them was experiencing tread separation. The faulty tire was replaced for free but now I have 3 tires with 20K on each and one brand new one. I was informed that on the new model Subaru vehicles this was not an issue but am seeking some additional insight/clarity. Any and all comments are welcome. Thanks much! jp


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    You're not supposed to have more than 1/4" difference in circumference. That's the factory stated tolerance for the AWD.

    Question is, how worn were those tires? 20k is probably borderline OK, if the tires still have most of the tread left.
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    Thanks for the response. The tire tech said he thought they were borderline ok, too. The tires are only 40K rated tires but remarkably still have significant tread life. We'll see.......thanks again. jp
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    My wife got a flat, fewer miles than you, but we got one new tire and it's been fine.
  • jpen1jpen1 Member Posts: 3
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