2013 Elantra Seat Covers For Cloth Seats

sunstate2013sunstate2013 Member Posts: 6
Took delivery of a 2013 Elantra Sedan several days ago. I am looking for information regarding seat covers for the front seats. The seats are cloth type.

I would think the covers would need to be Air Bag compatible so as not to interfere with the air bag deployment that comes out of the side of the front seats.

Recommendations, suggestions and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks In Advance


  • rodneyckrodneyck Member Posts: 3
    Check out both ebay and Amazon for seat covers. They also have ones designed for the seats air bags, and at reasonable prices.
  • doohickiedoohickie Member Posts: 949
    I wonder if the "air bag compatible" seat covers are actually tested to ensure they don't affect air bag deployment?
  • sunstate2013sunstate2013 Member Posts: 6
    "I wonder if the "air bag compatible" seat covers are actually tested to ensure they don't affect air bag deployment?"

    I have wondered the same thing myself.

    One of the sites I have looked at for made to order seat covers has an additional charge for changing the sewing on the side of the seat cover where the airbag deploys but these were on the high end of the price scale. I seriously doubt that mass produced, inexpensive seat covers are really "airbag compatible". I know that when airbags deploy they do so with considerable force so the bag might rip open the side of the seat cover anyway unless it was leather or some really tough material and/or stitching but I know I wouldn't want to find out the hard way.

    Still looking but the response has been almost non-existent on this as well as one other forum. Surely, a lot of folks have purchased seat covers for their 2012-2013 Elantra's so I will just ScotchGuard the seats for some protection until I get more solid info.

    Thanks to those that have replied.
  • kimmillskimmills Member Posts: 2
    What's the big deal dude. As long as you are driving your new Elantra Sedan and enjoying its ride let the car seats be of any variety of material. Well, on a serious note, you need to check out the many options available at the sites like ebay.
  • tagztagz Member Posts: 4
    Did you check out http://shearcomfort.com/
    They have some good covers and choices
  • y0lliey0llie NORTHERN VAMember Posts: 5
    You have to get the Euro seat covers. Covers the front part of the seat but not the side of the seat. Found a set on Amazon that matched pretty good.
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