Rear sunshade repair Hyundai Azera

rdwestnyrdwestny Member Posts: 1
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2006 Hyundai Azera rear sunshade does not extend. How do I remove and repair it?


  • jamazerajamazera Member Posts: 149
    good luck..... rear seat must be charge to replace/repair is probably ~$500 ---maybe more.
  • parrotsquawkparrotsquawk Member Posts: 28
    I had my 2009 repaired under warranty, It would have cost nearly 1,000.00
  • SilverBullet00SilverBullet00 Member Posts: 102
    Go to Hyundai repair site and you will find what you need to remove/repair the rear sunshade.
  • excop820excop820 Member Posts: 1
    Just returned from local dealership, sunshade not working, sounds like a coffee grinder.
    $1300 to r & r.
    They will install new gear kit for $210. including labor!!!
  • jamazerajamazera Member Posts: 149
    good luck....the gears are probably plastic......
  • steds54steds54 Member Posts: 11
    If the sunshade is in a position now that is not obstructing your vision, why not just forget about "fixing" it ? We've lived for over a hundred years without rear sunshades anyway. Why would you want to replace one piece of garbage with an identical one ? I say SHAME on Hyundai for foisting such a piece of cheap junk on Azera owners in the first place ! They should have used better materials . Mine has gone up ('06) Azera just twice when I inadvertently pushed the controller. I have never found a need for it . Who needs it ?
  • oskidunker1oskidunker1 Member Posts: 213
    It did fail under warranty and they fixed it. After reading all of this, I think I'll just leave it alone.
  • wsteinhauerwsteinhauer Member Posts: 1
    It comes in handy at night when those idiots with too bright headlamps are behind you.
  • steds54steds54 Member Posts: 11
    Hmmm....... never thought of THAT! Good point, but, doesn't the rear-view mirror automatically compensate for the Doofus with the "too bright" lights ?
  • gamlegedgamleged Member Posts: 442
    Sometimes "too bright" is like twin blue/white lasers with a top bar of extra lights and the sunshade is a big assist...
  • steds54steds54 Member Posts: 11
    Yep! And the mentality that accompanies that "Hillbilly" conveyance is about one one-hundredth of the truck's brightness..., especially if access to the jacked-up cab is via an extension ladder...
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