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Hyundai Santa Fe Owners Photo Gallery

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
edited March 2014 in Hyundai
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  • dinoqdinoq Posts: 5

    Have not included photo here, but you can find it at .

    I am from Singapore and own a silver (pewter) SF. My brush gaurd looks different from those that I've seen for the USA market.

    Also, note the body trim over the wheels.

  • hung0820hung0820 Posts: 426
    this is just a sample of my front Santa Fe as well as the color match. I will post my real Santa Fe picture later when I have my CD changer work and the wood dash install. Yes! I do have that front grill guard too.


  • hung0820hung0820 Posts: 426
    Here is just a sample of my SaFe exterior Shots. I will do the whole project when I get my Digital Camera. I have try my best to PhotoPaint Edit to make it look okay! Thought I would share this information:

  • As you can see I have added the Brushed Aluminum Dash Kit. I did the custom egraving myself.

  • losthat1losthat1 Posts: 93
    Jason-Where did you order the brushed aluminium dash kit from? How hard is it to install? Has it been pretty scratch resistant? It looks great!
  • My kit is made by Wood View. I purchased it through The Auto Dash Emporium. The price was reasonable and they were great in helping me decide on a kit. I am extremely happy with it. If you go to buy, compare the different manufacturers. They all include different pieces in the kits and have different sub kits. So you must weigh how bad you want certain pieces versus spending a lot more $ to get them. It is not to difficult to install. You use a hair dryer to heat the pieces and then apply them. They stick right on. I honestly don't know how scratch resistant they are as I am careful not to find out if you know what I mean. Hope this Helps. Ciao
  • wales1wales1 Posts: 90
    Here is a link to view pics of my SFe. I welcome any feedback or questions.

  • billtungbilltung Posts: 255
    Hi f16crewchief:

    Why your SaFe have 3 pedals?
    Are U driving a SaFe w/ standard transmission?

    How's the pedal covers work?

    Other than driving your SaFe, are u a fight jet pilot? Just curosity.

  • Yes BillTung, I have the 5 speed SaFe. I personally do not like the auto trans. I enjoy the "driving experience." I feel more connected to the car and the road if I control the shift patterns. The purpose of the pedals is first to provide more "grip." This way your feet do not slide off. I think they work good and look sharp. As to my occupation, I am an F-16 Fighting Falcon Crew Chief. I am the mechanic. Although I am working on finishing my Bach. Degree so I can in fact go to flight school for the USAF. In time. In the meantime I will enjoy driving my SaFe and working on one of the worlds premiere Air to Ground Fighter Aircraft.
  • tulpenhamtulpenham Posts: 32
    Several SaFe owners wrote that they have replaced the original, factory-installed speakers with other speakers. Are the original speakers that bad? I did not hear them yet, but I thought it to be an advantage to have pre-installed speakers... Until now, I have always transferred my Altec Lansing speakers (ALS693) to a new car.
  • wales1wales1 Posts: 90
    I replaced my factory speakers because the Hyundai installed ones would blow with the system I have installed. The Hyundai speakers are paper and cheap rubber ring, which really can distort the sound. I also installed Dynomat, and let me say it really does cut down on road noise, like 80-90 % reduction.
  • billtungbilltung Posts: 255
    Hi F15Crewchief:

    Thanks for your feedback! I also like manual transmission, but it is not available in Canada.

    Want to know how's the acceleration from stop, will it still sluggish from 0-50km?

    I just saw a blue SaFe like your's parked on the street this afternoon, very attractive color.

    - Bill
  • I have no problem with the acceleration of my 2.4 w/manual. As anyone knows its always a little better. I also realize that I am driving a sport utility which I purchased to be a "family mover." I dont have real high expectations. If I wanted acceleration I would have bought a sports car. Ciao.
  • billtungbilltung Posts: 255
  • akimmelakimmel Posts: 10
    Here is my brand new Santa Fe. Color is called Crystal Blue here in the US. Just had to share!

  • wales1wales1 Posts: 90
    Hey Bill..what is that hanging from underneath your SFe in the rear. Two yellow looking straws with a red ball on it?
  • billtungbilltung Posts: 255
    It costs me CDN$4 in a sales!
  • tulpenhamtulpenham Posts: 32
    Billtung, I suppose you have seen that there is a thread about static electricity in the SF-forum.
    My suggestion: post your anti-static tail photograph there and explain how it works.

    Meanwhile, I will put post #2000 here at Edmunds LOL!!!
  • hung0820hung0820 Posts: 426
    I want to share my picture to keep up with all of you. When I finished shoot this picture I run to Hannah right away. There is nothing wrong with her but I am just afraid she might fell down.
  • wales1wales1 Posts: 90 must have some really BAD drivers in San Fran area if you have to put those STOP lights on your bumpers. Hope that when or if you get hit from people looking at the SFe, it wont cost you an arm and a leg to get it fixed. Again...some of the accessories you have on your ride are ok, but some are a wee bit too much if you ask me, again..its your ride, and to each his/her own. If your happy that is all that matters.
  • tulpenhamtulpenham Posts: 32
    I agree with you, wales1. IMO Hung's car is a bit overdone but then again it's his ride... At first, he wanted to buy an RX300 before he knew the SaF. I suppose he bought all the extra's of the money he had left from not buying the RX300 ;)
  • hung0820hung0820 Posts: 426
    Actually I was planning to cut out the word stop and leave only the light-lenses but then parking in San Francisco they can break my lenses. So I am pretty undecided what I should do. Should I cut it out or leave at is it.

    I have asked most of my friends and relatives: Some say tight to leave the stop and some say no! Recently vote about equally. Still undecided!

    ***This rear guard comes with it*** I did not intension to put it on. I can simply cut the word out and leave as the light-lenses only. I really need some vote to decide If I should leave the "Stop" or "Cut" it out. I have good machine to cut it and polish the edges too.***
  • pvalerypvalery Posts: 19
    Is it just me or your interior pictures on your site is not up and running?
  • tulpenhamtulpenham Posts: 32
    Your car's rear will look much better without the stop-words! Suggestion: do one sign first and leave the other, so you can compare the 2 different signs and decide what to do.
  • hung0820hung0820 Posts: 426
    My Interior project will be done by late next week. I am in the process of doing the Windows/Doors and Seats project. I really need help on the Seats project here please!
    I want to show the entire seats interior for the Santa Fe. Mine is gray leather. If you have different seats interior please post the picture here so that I can drop in it my site if you don't mine. I just barely finish with half way of the seat headrest view screen last night. As you know I still have much more work to do.

    For my "STOP" lights; should I cut it to "OVAL", "ROUND", "SQUARE", or "OTHER" that you can suggest. I only have one choice; once I cut out; that's it. No more backup to bring it back.
  • tulpenhamtulpenham Posts: 32
    That's difficult Hung. Do you mean that you will create a hole with that shape? I think OVAL would look best since there are many ovalish shapes in the SaF, but it's your choice of course.
  • hung0820hung0820 Posts: 426
    Actually the plastic with the word "STOP" covered over the light-lense. All I need to do was cutting the the plastic that covered over the lense and that's it. It is not difficult me because I have all equipment to do it. I was thinking of "OVAL" and "Square-with round corners". What do you think? Oval or Square with round corners?
  • tulpenhamtulpenham Posts: 32
    Hello Hung,
    Sorry to keep you waiting with my reply. I think it's the best idea to make it square with round corners! You are right about that!
  • hung0820hung0820 Posts: 426
    Yes! I think I am going to make a square with round corners. Therefore, It is hard for me to make the decision since the first place. I think the square with round corners are going to be very nice.

    Nice contribute on the picture there Bill Tung. I really like it...
  • billtungbilltung Posts: 255
  • billtungbilltung Posts: 255
  • hung0820hung0820 Posts: 426
    I have removed the rear guard's stop brake lights and used the rear bumper's lights. I am very happy that I can do this because it looks much nicer to me and I hope to other too.

    Tulpenham looks at it now and what do you think?
  • billtungbilltung Posts: 255
    Your rear bush guard look much better now w/o the stop signs. Great job!
  • billtungbilltung Posts: 255

    1) the 1st rear bumper accident happened when I backwarded my car in a hospital parking lot during heavy rain & I didn't notice there was a parking ticket solid iron machine at about 20 feet behind me. The result just a little bit dent & lot of yellow paints from the machine. (But I heard a big bang during the rear crash!) I didn't dare to tell my wife & she never notice until her turned!

    2) The 2nd rear bumper crash on May 18 isn't my fault, the driver is my lovely wife, she backed up in a parking lot & hit a steel wrapped 20' tall timber hydro post (Carrying those high-voltage hydro cables) which I can see have be hitted by so many cars before, may because its painted BLACK color on the steel sheet wrapped around it! 5 years ago my previous Acura Integra had rear crashed it at the same spot, the bumper was collapsed about 3" inches! After the accident, my wife questioned me about the yellow paint? This time I don't afraid to told her my accident because we both crashed the SF, now is 50-50! LOL!
    My wife told me, her speed was about 10 km/hr during the crash.

    Hitting the same spot twice at 10 km/hr to 2 very hard solid objects without causing major damages, I think the SF's rear bumper corners position is pretty strong against crash! (The IIHS rear crash test looked like only crashed in the center bumper position, anybody can confirm?)

    So now everybody should stop laughing at Hung's heavy add-on's especially the bumper guards!
  • wales1wales1 Posts: 90
    Tung...oh my...those bumper shos show a rear bumper that will need to be replaced. I have seen inside if the bumper, and its styrofoam. That plastic that is crushed can not be "popped" out. You will have to replace thw whole bumper to get it back to "new" condition. I think eif yo had bumper guard link Hungs, you may still have those dings, from there position it looks like, nothing would have protected it. Might have bent the bumper frame, and those things you really cant se unless you dig deep under the car.
    Watch that speeding...and shooting pics at same time. If you hit poles while going less than 10 mph..and have eyes on road, then hate to see you driving at 100 mph with a camera in your hands.
  • hung0820hung0820 Posts: 426
    Nice Pictures Bill:
    Just to let you know that I have been rear end to the wall once with my rear bumper about relatively 5 miles and I don't have anything wrong with my bumper. I guess I have a rear guard that help do the job. Hey! I really like the pictures you share with us. Those are nice pictures and I like the way you passed the Triscape too. Way to go! I'll support your 'mental thought' that you are willing to share with us. I like it!
  • wales1wales1 Posts: 90
    hung..your bumper lights look as if there are two sections, orage and red. Is this somthing you have made or was it like that? Mine are one solid red cover. Also, there are different ways to wire the lights, and you can control their effect by how they are wired. Also, looks as if the bumper guard blocks out part of the lights so maybe not as visual as those without bumper guards
  • hi there ^^

    i'm korean guy and live in seoul

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  • billtungbilltung Posts: 255
    Welcome to Edmunds's santa fe club!
    Santafelove, your SF look very special on the side, with V6 2.7 label & lot of metal dots around the car body metal which surrounding the wheels!

    Is it custom-made or come with it?

  • billtungbilltung Posts: 255
    Yesterday the 1st time I inspected the rear bumper damage under my SF & find there are no damage (no undercar structure cracks or bends...lucky!), and the most worst damage in my 2nd accident which is the 3/4 cm gap between the rear corner bumper & the car body had be fixed. I just pushed the plastic bumper & it went perfectly back to its original position!

    Actually all those pics were taken after the 2nd accident, my SF even drove at 180km/hr in highway w/o feeling vibrations or any special noises... so I pretty sure there is no damage to the rear body structure.

    Now I can only see the rear bumper damages(The little bit scratch & dents) from very close distance. & I think I can live with it w/o fixing the bumper at all, & might waitting for the future 3rd accident hitting the same spot of the already damage rear bumper!

    I think I make the right decision by not fixing the bumper after the 1st accident, otherwise I waste all the money!
  • hung0820hung0820 Posts: 426
    Hi Andy Cho=Santafelove!

    That's a very nice exterior look too. Not sure if you have DMS and A/T climate Control. I have pretty good feeling that you have good stuff in your car too. Can you share with us here.
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  • billtungbilltung Posts: 255
    That is cool!
    I remembered when SF 1st appearing in Detroit show was having twin mufflers.

    The rear camera is a great tool to prevent (back up) accident! So are you watching the rear images in your flat-screen video display?
  • hung0820hung0820 Posts: 426
    The thing is that I already have the fender flares. If they Santa Fe does not have a fender flares available then I might have considered to do like you (Rescue 911).

    Rear Monitor wow! Not sure how it work but I like to have it too. Where to get it?

    I was thinking to use twin mufflers since the beginning but then I rather have the rear bumper guard. Not sure If I can still have the twin mufflers show since I have the rear bumper guard on my car now (the brackets was the problem).
  • santafelove
    How did you get the tail lights and lower lights so dark. that looks really sharp! Please let me know so I can also do it. Thanks.
  • ludacrisludacris Posts: 185
    santafelove- wheres the rear camera? others mentioned it, but i couldnt find it in the photo. i dont own a santa fe, but all of you have some sharp looking rides : )
  • how are you doing?
    1.rear monitor
    i'd buy at car-shop
    70000(won)=about 53$(US)
    ** 1$ = 1300won screen
    left-right light/ center LCD number screen
    green light& beep sound & distance)
    ex:)left light indicate left Danger and
    LCD 0.3 indicate 0.3m and beep sound

    2. black taillight
    at car-shop
    40000 (won) = about 30$
    i can't also self making
    spray bright black painting (very special paint) over a fire
    check your e-mail please... ^^
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