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Hyundai Santa Fe Owners: Road Trip!

Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
edited March 2014 in Hyundai
Where have you recently travelled in your Santa Fe? Please share your Road Trip stories here!

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    f16crewchieff16crewchief Member Posts: 17
    I just got back from a 650 mile journey through Italy. We went to Florence and saw "The statue of David," and then on to Pisa for the "Leaning Tower." The Santa Fe performed wonderful in all aspects. Our driving varied from stop and go "in city" to 110 mph on the AutoStrada with some Ferrari's. Needless to say it was a good time and only served to further my confindence in my HYUNDAI. Anyone else have any Road Trip stories? Any problems? Share them here. Ciao


    Here are some pics of the two Ferrari's I drove with.

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    ddloydddloyd Member Posts: 4
    I took a 800 mile road trip down south to the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. Took the scenic 7 hwy route from Missouri through the Ozarks and it was pretty but I was dissapointed that the mountains were not that big. Where I am from in California we would call those foothills. I didn't see any other Santa Fe's down there but I did see alot of other SUVs and PT Cruisers. I did find a dirt/rock hilly round off the main path and decided to give it a try and the Santa Fe had no problems going down and up this steep road. My wife was screaming to let her out. Had a small mud puddle at bottom of this road but not big enough to really test the 4WD. I'm 6'4'' and I wish the front seats would adjust a few more notches back. I lowered the front passenger seat's back all the way down flush with the rear seat and I would set in the back seat and extend my legs all the way to the front of the car. The Santa Fe handled well and was very pleased.
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    waynesan1waynesan1 Member Posts: 10
    I just finished a 2000 mile round trip from East Tennessee to New Orleans, back up to Nashville, on to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and back home to East Tenn. My black GLS front wheel drive performed wonderfully. Never missed a lick the whole way. Have had my Santa Fe about two months now and until this trip I have never seen another one on the road anywhere. While traveling through Mississippi a Santa Fe (sandstone) passed me at about 80mph and a few minutes later I passed him as he was sitting on the side of the road where he was pulled over by the state police. I wonder if the cop just wanted to find out who makes such a beautiful vehicle. Anyway, this trip just added to my confidence that this was the absolute right vehicle for me and I can honestly say I have never owned a vehicle that I was more pleased with than my Santa Fe.
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    ariellynariellyn Member Posts: 11
    Spent the weekend wandering around the local mountains (up to 5,000 ft.) and the Santa Fe has great mountain manners. The Significant Other was *thrilled* with the shifting capability of our automatic transmission. He was actually chuckling as he zipped around the curves . 350 miles later, we're even happier with the Santa Fe. And our engine hasn't blown up yet either <*wink*>.
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    friartuck1friartuck1 Member Posts: 2
    I have reviewed and test-driven most of the SUVs in Santa Fe's class (e.g., RAV4, CRV, Escape) and have decided to buy a Santa Fe. However, I would like to wait until the 2002 model comes out. Does anyone know for certian what date that will be? Also, do you know of a dealer in Alabama (alternatively Georgia or Mississippi) who will sell near the invoice price?
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    greg55126greg55126 Member Posts: 12
    Just bought a SF GLS V6 w/ abs and tc on feb 21. My family of 4 drove from MN to AZ and back, through KS, OK, TX, NM and AZ. Went from Flagstaff to Mesa. Can not say enough about the handling and loved the transmission the ability to shift throught the mountains is a great feature. Ran great. 20mpg low for milage avg about 22 - 23. Best was 28mpg
    Only complaint ... driver seat could use more comfort.
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    mountainladymountainlady Member Posts: 2
    Just purchased a GLS V6 AWD Santa Fe last week. Loved driving it around town, so decided to take it on a 1,000 mile road trip. Averaged 23 mpg as we drove over flat lands and mountains from Idaho to the coast of Washington. It was a quiet, smooth ride with easy shifting in the mountain passes. Plenty of room for personal items and put one back seat down flat for the two big dogs. I think I am really going to enjoy my Santa Fe.
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    roger60roger60 Member Posts: 1
    Does the back seat fold down completely flat?
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    mountainladymountainlady Member Posts: 2
    Oops! It folds almost flat. What we do is put a 2-3" piece of foam down where the dogs will be, and this seems to even things out for them.
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    somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    My wife and I took a trip from New Jersey to Georgia the day after we got the '07 Santa Fe Limited AWD. It was nice! Not the great mpg of the '01 Toyota Corolla we traded in for it but the ride was smooth and there was no major transission from car to suv. And much better comfort and cargo space for that long trip! I had to curb my appetite for racing to adhere to the break in procedure! mpg was only 17.1 avg?!! i think there might be a tsb for spark plugs but i'm not sure...
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