Has anyone actually ever had problems resolved with GM customer?

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I'm curious what other GM owners (Saturn VUEs) have had resolved with the socialmediagm.com e-mail contact.

My 2006 Saturn Vue in the last 3 years has needed a A/C condensor, now a new A/C compressor (two dealership quotes are not the same price for the same service- $300 difference)
Last week my Key Iginition locked up and needed to be replaced ($500.00) Of course this all happens after my warrenty is up. Based on the info I have researched, this is happening a lot to Saturn owners and these parts should easily go until 100-150k miles.

We have owned 3 Saturns brand new 1992,2000,2006 and never have had any problems with our vehicles (until now)

All our Saturns have had all their service done at the GM dealership, and lucky us our dealership closed down a few months ago (but hey kids, a new one opened up in the same location, but won't accept any new returning preferred customer points to their new dealership- sleazy IMO) But of course they gladly will take in the old/ returning customers.

I called GM 800 number, the customer service lady was rude and left me on hold for 20+ minutes yesterday.

I'd love to hear what socialmediaGM.com actually did for you.
I did e-mail them, they replied asking for info, I replied today asking them to open a case, as clearly the A/C issue isn't just a one time issue.


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    no i didnt i got this reply.Jason,

    I have just spoke with the dealership and unfortunately the BCM is something that is normally covered under the bumper to bumper warranty which is 3yrs/36,000 miles. I am sorry but we will not be offering cost assistance for the repair. However, I would be happy to follow up with you after repairs are completed.

    GM Customer Assistance but i have not heard of very many stories of anything good happening from them.i have drove a gm car or truck for the last 12 13 years straight and this will be my last. \All they had to do was cover faulty part but thats ok they lost one of their most loyal customers they ever had over a $400 part.
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