Vibration at Highway Speeds

toms67toms67 Member Posts: 2
I have an '05 Baja with about 175K. Recently started getting some bad vibes on the highway after the car had been drive an hour or so. It almost felt like driving over one of those "wake up" rumble strips--you could really feel it through the steering wheel. I figured it must be a tire/wheel/suspension problem but when I let off the gas, the vibration stops immediately. So, I am thinking it is actually an engine problem...any ideas?


  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    My first guess would be wheel bearing, but no noise at all when slowing down? Maybe there's less stress on it in that scenario.
  • toms67toms67 Member Posts: 2
    No, nothing at all as soon as you let offf the gas. I was thinking bearings as well--I have replaced two of the four so far--but it is definitely powertrain related. Consition worsens under heavy load -- e.g. -- going uphill.
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