Cracked Azera Dashboard

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I noticed that my dash board started to crack on the passenger side in two places thus far. Since my 2008 is still under warranty, the dealer is checking with Hyundai headquarters to see if the repair is covered. I initially thought the cracks were most likely from the intense heat we've been having lately, but I've read several posts under other discussions relating to cracked Azera dashboards. Since I'm no longer sure about the cause, I decided to start this discussion. Will let all know about the outcome and dealer experience.


  • mozartmanmozartman Member Posts: 19
    I have 2008 Azera Limited which is still under warranty and also have cracked dashboard in two places around passenger side airbag. This is design/flaw/material/defect. I have appointment at the dealership on August 22 to drop off my car for dashboard replacement. It is covered by Hyundai warranty.
  • airforcechiefairforcechief Member Posts: 19
    Thanks for the good news about the warranty coverage. I'm happy with my car, but the cupped tire issue and cracked dashboard are disappointing.
  • cobrazeracobrazera Member Posts: 352
    The passenger air bag is under the spot where your dash is splitting. I assume the dash cover is laser cut in order to split more easily if the air bag deploys. IMO, the laser cut was a little too deep, hence the cracked dash cover.
    A manufacturing or design problem, either way it's a Hyundai problem. Will they repair it under warranty? Maybe, maybe not.
    My '06 Azera's dash has split in the past year, and I'm not going to worry about it. I've had experience with the dealership/Hyundai on a couple previous issue that they would not cover, so I'm just tired of the hassle. The previous items were the chipping on the " wood " steering wheel, and the plastic panels under the car that came loose.
    Mainly due to the worsening ride comfort and noise ( from poorly designed suspension or cheap components, and the tires ), I doubt I will buy Hyundai again. Their reluctance to repair problems that are obviously theirs doesn't help, either.
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    The information about a too-deep laser cut on passenger side of dash of spot on, in my opion. Thanks a bunch ! My 2006 has just the beginning of a 1 1/2 inch crack in same area, and I concur also in blaming this on poor design, perhaps inferior materials, or what ever one can imagine. Needless to say, there have been surely enough of these incidents to alert Hyundai that they do indeed have a problem, and despite being past warranty, we should have these dashboards replaced. They may not be legally responsible, but I believe they have a MORAL duty to us, if they want us to be repeat customers. My under-car plastic panel on driver's side also came loose and was dragging on the ground, and my local service station re-attached it with washers and new screws. Panel should have a beefed-up area where screws penetrate it to minimize this problem. I can't say enough bad things about my thumping, ROARING MXV-4 tires, probably a substandard batch, which Michelin surely is aware of and should be morally responsible enough to replace. Needless to say, after having been a Michelin user for 40 years, I will never buy another set of their tires. My car has just short of 30,000 miles on it, is more a less a "Sunday go to meetin' " car, so being exposed to excessive sunlight is no excuse for the cracking, for this car sits in the garage almost all week. We all need some help from Hyundai AND from Michelin, but they're probably just going to ignore all of us. ...
  • airforcechiefairforcechief Member Posts: 19
    This info tracks with something the service manager said when I showed him the crack; he noted that it was in the area of the airbag. I was going to buy a 2012 Azera and keep my 2008 in the family, but now I think I'll hold off on that purchase. After reading the posts about the cupped tires, cracked dashboards, and falling plastic (hasn't happened to me yet), I'm not sure if I'll buy another Hyundai. Prior to my issues and reading about the same woes many others have, I was completely sold on Hyundai.
  • airforcechiefairforcechief Member Posts: 19
    The good news is that my dashboard will be replaced under warranty (thank God for the 5 year bumper to bumper warranty; I've had my car for just over four years). Dealer ordered a new dashboard and expects to arrive in about two weeks.
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    edited August 2012
    Just got my 2008 Azera back from the dealership. They replaced dashboard under warranty. So far so good. We will see how long it lasts because there were reports on other Azera forums that replaced dash also cracked later.
  • airforcechiefairforcechief Member Posts: 19
    Good luck to us all with the replacement dashboards and new tires. Hopefully, the replaced dashboards will not have squeaks. Thanks for sharing.
  • steds54steds54 Member Posts: 11
    Re: cobrazera's message of August 13....

    Wouldn't it be just PEACHY if the Hyundai organization had somebody who monitored messages on this site who had the gonads to forward them to one who would actually get off his butt, demand that action be taken to take care of thoroughly disgruntled customers like us?

    Doesn't Hyundai realize what fools they are to ignore us? It's not only that they might lose us as potential repeat buyers, but our comments, read by people who are willing to give Hyundai a shot, are going to cause them to turn to a competitor instead, so they'll lose new customers too!
  • airforcechiefairforcechief Member Posts: 19
    Yes, it would be nice; I believe the Hyundai forums are monitored by Hyundai staff; not sure. However, I would think they look at posts on There was a post on the Hyundai forums about an individual who's dashboard cracked after the warranty had expired. The dealer highly recommended replacement at around $2K; the poster reported the issue to one of the consumer protection departments as a safety issue.

    I was "that close" to buying a 2012 Azera until I learned about the front end (tire whooping noise) and dashboard problems others had just like me. Now I'm not sure about Hyundai quality/self initiated recall process for fixing known problems. Than God for the five year warranty.
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    where I can buy Azera 2013 Navigation system.
  • 3gencat3gencat Member Posts: 5
    I had the same issue. Bought an 06 Azera in Aug. 08. Dash cracked just a couple of months later. Dealership replaced it under warrenty with no problem. After 4 yrs., no cracking yet. So far, replacement better than OEM. Hope it continues as am now out of warrenty.
  • airforcechiefairforcechief Member Posts: 19
    I finally had the dash of my 2008 Azera replaced by the dealer under warranty at the end of November. So far so good. However, the dealer first did a shabby job; some of the electronics didn't work (left plug disconnected), and there were some other issues. The good news is that they resolved the problems. Now I need to get my tires replaced to get rid of the awful whooping sound when driving.
  • penzfan1penzfan1 Member Posts: 28
    Had the dash in my 06 Azera replaced under warranty in 2011. Replaced my OEM Michelins with Yoko AS530's @ 30k and still quiet @ 51K.
  • airforcechiefairforcechief Member Posts: 19
    Thanks - I'll see if I can find them locally. What stores usually carry Yoko tires?
  • jamazerajamazera Member Posts: 149
    go to tire rack or tires direct good pricing.....put yokos s-drive on my '06
    great tires no michelins ever again
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