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New 2012 Accord SE , Vibrations/Noise when AC is on and in Idle(D Gear)

sidbsidb Posts: 26
Just bought a brand new Accord SE . Driving back home from the Dealership , i noticed a kind of major vibration/noise.

It happens only when the car is in Drive Gear, with break pressed , and with the AC compressor running.
If i switch off the AC compressor , this vibration/noise goes of.

I can even reproduce the issue at home .

Start the Car .
Start the AC Fan,
Put the car in D .. The Engine RPM goes down.
Press the AC Button , the compressor starts .
And the CAR/engine vibrates so much , that i get vibration sounds from even back of the Vehicle.
Switch off the Compressor , and the vibration and sound stops.

This vibration/noise wont come , if i don't put the car in D (i.e start the car and leave it in park , and switch on the compressor).

Is it possible , that the engine is just so new (around 40 miles) ,and that's why engine is still not at its peak.

Pls suggest..


  • Hi SIDB,

    Do you have an update for this? Was it fixed by Honda by any chance?

  • sidbsidb Posts: 26
    The knocking sound is much better after 500 miles , but still comes sometime.

    The other main issues i am having are
    1. Constant Grinding Noise coming from the engine ( Most Probably the Serpe Belt), the noise increases in the compartment , when the AC Fan is on.
    2. Single Knocking Sound ( as if something moves and hit some thing) when accelerate from stop.
    3.A weird sensation(happens randomly, like a jerk) in the accelerator pedal , while driving.
    4.AC Throwing out water off the Vent.
  • My car is doing the same thing, and it was such a concern to me because i wasnt hearing the vibrations for a week after I drove off the dealership.

    It only happens to me in the same conditions yours is happening. Only when its on Drive, with my brakes fully pressed.

    I took it to the dealership to get it checked and they said that nothing is wrong, and that it is the "natural" vibrations of my car, but atleast they have it documented that I came in with this problem.

    My car still makes the vibrating sound and I hope its nothing serious. I just purchased it!!!

    I hope someone can help me
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    I think the compressor is very powerful, and in my opinion it works on-off, because when I put my hand at the air outlet, I feel the temperature varying between extremely cold and relatively cold. I think that it takes a sizeable amount of power from the car engine, so probably it lowers the idle RPM, that's why it starts vibrating a bit. It doesn't bother me.
  • I have a 2007 Accord. I have heard and felt the vibration in the steering wheel and even the brakes while waiting at a red light - car in drive, ac on, foot on brake and car not moving.

    I took it to 3 dealerships to get it fixed. All 3 said they couldn't hear the noise. My symptoms are the same as yours.

    I've noticed that the noise will go away when I have the Hepa filter for the cabin replaced. Have it been changed recently?

    Question: was the air on recirculation mode? That's what I was using when I would hear the noise. I try to the keep the recirculation button off now (except when I'm behind a stinky old pickup truck) as the owner's manual suggests keeping the system in fresh air mode at all times, except when driving in smoky or dusty conditions. The smell of exhaust from an old car and especially an old truck is nasty. It can stink up your car in seconds.

    This noise in my car has temporarily gone away since I've had the Hepa filter replaced a few months ago. I expect the noise will return at some point.

    Some people aren't bothered by the noise. I find it irritating and too loud. I shouldn't feel a minor vibration in the brake pedal from the air being on. The noise/vibration always goes away when I turn off the air.

    I have no idea what causes this sound. It seems like something I have to lie with as long as I'm driving this Accord. It's the vibration that bothers me. It's just not a good feeling to have a slight vibration in the brake pedal and steering wheel. The noise is also just too loud for a car like the Accord. A Camry doesn't make this sound and most Accords probably don't make this sound.

    I'm currently not even trying to figure what causes the sound. I'm trying to enjoy the car when it's quiet. I probably won't even try to fix the noise when it returns since I've already wasted a good deal of time to fix the problem. None of the 3 Honda dealerships I went to helped me fix the noise.

  • tuccitucci Posts: 2
    edited June 2014

    I have the same issue, 2010 Accord 4 cyl. Dealer claims its normal and the characteristic of the vehicle. I have never experienced this on any other 4 cylinder vehicle (i.e. Camry, VW) , other than the Accord. What makes it worse is that at idle, with the AC on and foot on the brake, the car does not idle consistently. It fluctuates around 600-700rpm,it seems to fluctuate in its vibration from when the compressor comes on and off. Very, very annoying.

    I suspect this is Honda's way of saying, get a V6 or Acura TSX (4 cyl) if you do not want a car that idles rough when the AC on.

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