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2013 Cadillac XTS

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
The Cadillac XTS is replacing the DTS and STS. Talk about it here!


  • dispencer2dispencer2 Posts: 299
    I have looked at the car in Lubbock TX (Alderson Cadillac). It is possible to get into it without banging my head. The luxury model - not the base -has the front seats where the front part slides out to give support for your thighs -an absolute necessity at least for me on long 8-9 hour drives. The CUE system is overkill and is essentially the same system that is on my wife's '13 Equinox. My wife likes it because she has a smart phone and apparently it is set up like an I-pod. All I do is play CD's and XM radio so I could care less about CUE. My Malibu is fine as far as I'm concerned.

    The seats are soft leather and comfortable. The bottom line on this car for me will be the how it rides. I had an 03 Deviile and if this XTS rides like the CTS- a "sport suspension"- I'll look at the LaCrosse or the new '14 Impala. They are all about the same size and on the same platform.

    I think that many DeVille and DTS drivers may agree with me. Let's face it - there are no "big" cars anymore. I can live with that but I don't like stiff rides. I won't purchase an XTS until they start to have Certified" used ones in '13 or 14 but I'll drive one in the meantime and see how it rides.

    The sales personel who have driven it say that it rides like the DTS on the straight of way and tightens up un curves. That's fine with me. I'll see when our local dealership here gets one as a demo.
  • How does the XTS compare with the E-Series or 5-Series in terms of ride, performance, and durability?
  • I have owned a number of DTS models and am now glad I was able to obtain what may be my last Cadillac, a 2011 Platinum DTS. I went down to my local dealer to check out this new XTS and the salesman and I had problems picking it out in the lineup of cars at the dealership. The nose is very similar(grill is identical) with the CTS ! The car from the front seems to be the same size and looking at it from the side it appears only the trunk and length from the rear wheel back to the bumper is longer. I sat inside and found it significantly smaller than my DTS Platinum and no where near as comfortable. I am saddened that Cadillac now is changing their character from the luxurious highway cruisers to these little V-6 sporty type cars which really can't compete with the European cars. Cadillac had their niche in the car market but now they have lost it in my view. This car seems filled with cheap plastic buttons and unnecessary gadgets that just complicate everything and have little real practicality. The car was so complicated the salesman couldn't even operate the dash. As we fiddled with it we found that you can change the look of the dash-wasted gadgetry.. Everything just seemed small and cheap to me. Very disappointed and if they don't do something soon I am definitely changing brands after many years of loyalty. If this is what results from the government takeover of GM then it would have been better to let it die. So sad.
  • I sold my 2003 DeVille in February of 2011 and have been waiting for a certified version of the XTS but after your comments I think that I had better look elsewhere. I do not want a performance suspension or a Mercedes stiff ride. I sat in the XTS but didn't drive one. The salesman said that it rides like a DTS on a straight road but takes the curves better.

    I'll take that with a grain of salt until I drive it. Frankly I'm sick of these cars that I can't even get into without banging my head. All of them are the same - LaCross, Malibu, XTS etc. I may check out the Avalon. Cadillac says that there is more back seat room in the XTS than the CTS. I'm surprised at your comments but you may be right. They are making them smaller and smaller.
  • I just picked my 2013 xts, I love it. Although I can see how the old time caddy owners would get turned off by the technology and complicated gadgetry, I welcome it. I think it's real easy to use one you get the jist. I have the car less than a week ,and have the whole thing down already. the design is nice,streamlined, and rides really nice. Why everyone thinks the car has to ride like a marshmallow is beyond me. IMO it has the perfect blend of luxury and performance. A real good balance. I have gotten nothing but compliments on this ca. and sure , a lot of the gadgets may be overkill, but hey, it's fun! Enjoy it, its a cadillac! You can't compare it to the lacrosse or the equinox, or even the SRX . Plenty of legroom n the back, huge trunk space, and I absolutely love the design. 16 ft. Long makes it as long as the escalade..seems big enough for me. Barely fits in the garage. Very happy with this car so far. I have 35 months and 3 weeks to go...
  • Can anyone who owns a new XTS address any reliability problems they have encountered? Have their been any high oil consumption engine oil problems that many owners of the CTS (2003-2011) have complained about with the V-6 engine? Do you think that the XTS is comparable to the DTS? Thanks for your help!
  • Love my 2013 XTS Luxury Edition. I have noted a big problem. Mine did not come with wheel locks. I woke up to find my XTS on blocks in Miami with all rims gone. Invest in locks folks. Quite a sad feeling.
  • I have had my 2013 xts for 2 years now and looking forward to the lease end next year. there is no ride comfort on this vehicle at all. Not even a nice sporty feel. The ride is choppy and going over bumps the cars suspension crashes down. My xts has been looked at by 2 dealers and they said the car is performing to spec. I have come to realize the xts is nothing but a dressed up impala with fancy exterior led lighting. This vehicle is a huge disappointment with its terrible suspension and cheap unrefined gear shift lever and turn signal noises that sounds like it should be in a chevy spark not a caddilac
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