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The treadwear indicators have become visible on the front 2 tires of my 2010 Corolla LE which has less than 20 K miles. Does anyone know what the warranty is on the original tires that came installed on this car? It's hard to believe the treads are already gone at such a low mileage. I can not seem to locate the original warranty that came from Bridgestone.

Thanks for helping me out.



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    Sorry, but there is no treadwear warranty on OE tires.

    You might call the tire manufacturer to see if they will grant you an exception - BUT - you now have 2 problems:

    The first is that you didn't rotate tires - which is why the front tires are worn out. Had you rotated, the set would have reached close to 40K. The tire manufacturer knows this and may not be willing to cut you much of a deal.

    The second is that it is the vehicle manufacturer who sets the specs - including treadwear - for the tires on their vehicle. Typically, vehicle manufacturers are concerned about rolling resistance and they get it by sacrificing treadwear. That's why there is no treadwear warranty.

    So call Bridgestone and hope for the best..
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    Thanks Capricer for the comments. I forgot to mention that the tires were rotated once at 10 K and a 2nd time at 13 K. But your suggestion for checking with Bridgestone is a good suggestion. I plan to follow up on that.
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    OK, that's a problem. Toyota has free maintenance for 2 yrs, 25k miles, and so every 5k, they should have been rotated with the oil change??? The 10k mile oil changes were not until the 2011 model year. They could get you because you did not rotate until 10k. Also, check your tires - they could be Goodyear.
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    I faced this problem. I thought rotation was done with oil change. Service tech pointed out this with 15K service. They rotated it for the first time. I think the front tires worn out and cupped. Making loud noise... I approached Bridgestone. They said will give you discount on treads left. Also said Toyota recommendation is to make tires that lasts 25K :(.. The local Firestone manager was not willing to help me.. So I decided no to waste time ... Bought 4 Hankook V4 from pepboys.. $87 each including installation and 3 yr replacement warranty after mail-in rebate.
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    Your dealer is NOT doing their job. Per the owner's manual, rotation is to be done every 5k for 2010 Corollas.
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    Now wait a minute ! "j06" didn't say the dealer refused to rotate the tires did they? If the customer doesn't ask for a service the dealer will not perform it. The responsibility of the upkeep of their vehicle falls on the owner reading the manual and knowing what is recommended and ask for that service, not the dealer. I for one refuse rotations every time. I'm one of those that allow the fronts to wear out then rotate the rears to the fronts and buy two new rears. This method is followed by many and works for me too. New research has found that the newer tires should always be on the rear; after years of tire dealers and repair shops doing just the opposite.
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    This is to update everyone, I talked to the Bridgestone people and they have agreed to give me 50% discount on the new Bridgestone tires. That's good deal in my opinion so I am going to take it. Any recimmendation on new Bridgestone tires?

    Although I mentioned already (see message #3 above), to clarify once again, the tires were rotated once at the dealer's place (at 10 K) and a 2nd time at Firestone shop (at 13 K).

    Thanks everyone.
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    For 2010s and up, the dealer is supposed to be doing the maintenance listed in the owner's manual for free for the first 2 years, or 25k miles. And it specifically says oil change AND tire rotations, every 5k miles. So the dealer screwed up by not performing the rotations.
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