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Brake complaints MUST BE FILED WITH NHTSA!!

annfromjerseyannfromjersey Member Posts: 38

If we want anything to be done with all these complaints about the brakes - YOU MUST FILE COMPLAINTS WITH National Highway Traffic Safety.

I just replaced my brakes and rotors for the 3rd time with 45,000 miles on 2008 van.

I had only 1 mil left on the pads and the garage said they never saw anything like it before. They told me that I could have been in an accident from complete brake failure if I had drove any further on them!!!!

Chrsyler refuses to acknowledge the problem and after an hour on the phone with them - the rep told me that only NHTSA has the power to do another recall on the brakes!!!!!!

Every complaint is researched and acknowledge. Even if it was awhile ago - you must report it!!!! Chrsyler is not giving them the information.


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    mirolexmirolex Member Posts: 4
    Have you contacted NHTSA yourself? If Chrysler refuses to, it may be up to you. We just replaced 07 T&C brakes, but w/only 40,000 miles. Seemed somewhat reasonable, I guess, tho I'd expected them to last longer. We also have a 99 Gr Car, 145K miles, that I feel like has caused a lot less aggravation than the T&C.
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    annfromjerseyannfromjersey Member Posts: 38
    Yes I have complained to NHTSA. They told me that in order for anything to be done against Chrysler - they must received a signficant amount of complaints against a vehicle and specifically for a certain item like brakes.

    I'm on my 4th set with 48,000 miles and waiting for a lemon law court date for my 08 van.
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    abatemomabatemom Member Posts: 2
    edited June 2013
    I too have had significant issues with my brakes. Pulsation at 6K miles, shaved the rotors, 12K had them looked at again, replaced pads. 15K, full front brake job, 28K complained to Chrylser and they replaced everything new from Hubs out. There is an "extended warranty" on the brakes for 2010-2011 T&C vans. Shortly after that, my rear brakes were replaced (rotors & pads). Now at 50K, I need front rotors replaced and rear pads replaced. To make things worse, my van is currently in the shop for engine problems. It blew 2 bearings, rods and pistons. Complete overhaul. UGH! I hate this van!
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