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2013 Optima SX - Software Bug - Anyone?

nonecccnoneccc Posts: 1
I just got my 2013 Optima SX few days ago, and encountered the problem below. Anyone had this problem before???? How to fix this? I talked to service department, and they had no clue why.

Every time I switch to "Media" or "AM/FM" or "XM" screen, from "Climate" screen, the touch screen stopped working, and I'm not able to switch back to "Climate" screen again. Unless I switch to say "Navi" screen first, and back to Media" screen, then it works.


  • So the service department has not corrected the problem? Is your car a sxl? Please tell me what you paid for it as I have heard different things. Any info would be appreciated.
  • zayaszayas Posts: 1
    I have leased this car 30 days ago, and I am doing approximately 16 / 17 mpg in a combined way, I mean, I use to drive 15 miles on city and 10 miles on freeways every day, and unfortunately I am just doing that low rate. Sometimes I could see 14 mpg , but in some moment I started seeing 21, Then I thought that it was just a problem of time, when the car was adjusting all his parts to start doing better MPG rate, but nothing, I comeback to 16 and continues in that way. I am trying to return the car but this is taking so hard. Let see what happened.
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